Civilian armed response to terrorist incidents?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A.N.Other, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. My, how times have changed:-

    Tottenham Outrage - Wikipedia

    "Constable Bond borrowed a small revolver from a member of the crowd and discharged four shots at the fleeing Lepidus and Helfeld, but all missed."

    I imagine the police would be a bit embarrassed to have to say "'ere, lend us yer gat" these days.

    I have mentioned it before, but I'm in Germany and the rules for firearm owners are somewhat differently interpreted here. We are actually obliged to intervene in order to prevent danger to life and can actually be found culpable if failing to do so. However, seeing as we would have to actually possess our firearms at the time, which are locked, and separate ammo containers, also locked, the possibilities of intervening are pretty negligible.
    And, in order to reduce your concern, Dingerr, I am very rarely in Britain with my firearms.
  2. In the current climate if you reacted to a terrorist incident with your double barrelled grouse killer you need to be aware that:

    1. its range isn't great, so you'd need to be pretty close to Johnny terrorist to have any effect and
    2. when the armed fuzz eventually turn up, anyone with a gun looking thing is going to get engaged, regardless if they are wearing tweed or not.
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  3. Also remember that many - most? - European nations had conscription up until fairly recently, so any police officers would have had some experience with firearms, and would have had to have reached a level of proficiency.
    To add an ab initio firearms course to the UK police would be a lengthy, and costly, exercise.
  4. My tuppence is that properly trained armed coppers is the only way. Firstly, they spend a lot of time on range that civilians probably wouldn't. Secondly, they have gear we couldn't legally possess, thirdly they have more than a passing knowledge of the law and how ivt would apply, and fourthly they might well be more circumspect in pulling the trigger. We simply need more of them.
    While I'm quite sure there are arrsers who could rise to the occasion, this stuff really is for the highly trained boys who have the backing of the law.
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  5. How about bringing back That Rifle on a short production run of say 250000 or more and issuing That Rifle to all ex serving members of HM Forces.

    The old bill take on the cost of a gun cabinet and refresher training (minimum) cost as no one would ever forget how Gods own rifle worked.

    One restriction would be no playing with a match or paper clip in the internals.

    Or just bring back the HSF with That Rifle.
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  6. S3 CLA 1967 applies - A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large.
  7. Yep but if its a terror attack and you are in the vicinity the Police or SF are more likely to shoot first and ask question later. Even more so if eye whitness reports suggest suicide vests.
  8. I know :)
  9. The training in skills at arms within modern non conscript armies have been debated at length on this site, have a read at those then revisit your post. Then read the after action report on the bataclan assualt.
  10. Remember 'the pen is mightier than the sword'!
  11. Only if it is selective write.
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  12. Not for some of the dribbling retards on here it isn't.
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  13. On a recent holiday I met a really nice couple from the US.
    The husband is ex USMC, but I got told off for calling him that, as apparently when you pass out as a marine, "YOU ARE A MARINE FOR LIFE".
    You get the idea of the sort of people they are.
    He will never leave the house without his Glock 38.
    His wife "carries" most of the time. (Both hold concealed carry permits).
    After the attacks he sent me a link from some American website quoting the met police campaign telling people to "Run hide tell", then quoting the glock website with the advice to "Don't panic. Take refuge in the safest place you can find and Withdraw your weapon from its holster pocket etc, aim, check for a safe backstop and shoot the terrorist.
    I am not for one second suggesting that we adopt the Yank approach, the genie is already out of the bottle over there, but I fear that if things carry on in the same vein as recently we are heading there.
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  14. Are you saying that it can't happen?
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  15. TBH I feel that in this day and age all police officers should - at the very least - be firearms trained with access to a weapon, even if they don't routinely carry one.
    Wouldn't help. The response time for a platoon per county (for example) would be even slower than the police. The only way it would work would be if you had, say a fire team in each village. Given that there are 40-50,000 villages and small towns in the UK that would mean that you'd need the entire British Armed forces to do it.