Civilian armed response to terrorist incidents?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A.N.Other, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. I can even skin and butcher what I've shot so I'll be even more useful than a target shooter.
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  2. No , some mosques still get bacon,pigs heads etc thrown at them.
  3. Depends which part of Devon you look at really. Plenty of Mil and MoD personnel around Plymouth.
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  4. How much for 2lb of Mohammed?
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  5. Oh there you go with your common sense.

    The McPherson report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence pointed out police first aid was rubbish. No one really bothers about that bit of the report, because it is so much more fun (and lucrative) to run diversity training sessions.

    If we are still waiting for people to notice that from a 1999 report, I'd pull up a chair and get a good book. It's going to be a while.
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  6. Here is a post that fits this one perfectly. Written by a good old Viginia USA citizen.

    Now, before anyone jumps all over me about the title of my post, BTW, I love an AK :D for oh, home defense (need to find some frangible ammo for AK), hunting (have some Cor-bon and Hornady hunting ammo) , target shooting, plinking.
    I've modified my AK to be a homeland defence rifle, I've installed a skeletonized sniper stock, grip pod bipod, and a 4x scope.
    In keeping with homeland defence theme, I also have 15 thirty round magazines, 10 ten rounders, and 1 seventy five round drum.
    So if any foreign troops wish to invade the US, I can help repel them (even though my AK isn't select fire).

    And BTW, the AK-47 rifle as designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov is as bulletproof as it's rumoured to be, I've owned my AK since '96 or so and just now cleaned it for the first time (15 years later).

    It's never misfired, jammed, or had any other malady associated with not cleaning your weapon.
    There is a couple of worrying sentences in that blog above tbh.
    I mean it's ok to talk about a farmer Giles wearing pants up to his waist, a flat cap, and a 12 bore rocking up to a Jihadi nutbar but what about the ex service guy with legally owned weapons turning up with jeans, trainers, and a baseball cap sporting a Glock 19. Who does the 2nd random armed civvy or the cops shoot then ?
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