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Civilian armed response to terrorist incidents?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A.N.Other, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. Leaving aside the fact that as a never-served civvy I've only ever shot at paper/steel targets or clays there's also the psychological aspect of deliberately aiming a firearm at another person. I found it hard enough when buying a shotgun to have the bloke in the shop look down the barrels to see how my eye lined up with the bead, let alone trying to engage a terrorist moving about, maybe even shooting at me, likely with other innocent people running all over the place.
    However, get Jonny Jihadi to hold a Fig 14 target in front of his face, while standing still in front of a 15 foot sandbank, at a known distance out to 300 yards and I would be happy, if so ordered by a warranted constable, to attempt the shot from a comfortable prone position.
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  2. I did serve in the infantry including three tours across the water in the 1970's. I never shot anybody, a fact that I'm quite happy about. If however at anytime, I had cause to shoot someone, it would have been because they were trying to kill or injure me or my mates or members of the public. I wouldn't have hesitated to open fire.

    While some soldiers did have to shoot people, an act that a few of those who I knew personally did, I know they didn't enjoy doing it, they were defending themselves and the public. The same ethics apply to any terrorist regardless of their cause in this day and age. You have to deal with the aggressors before they deal with you.

    I don't own any firearms of any description but if I did and I was asked by an authority such as a police constable to shoot someone who was trying to maim and murder innocent civilians or unarmed police officers, I'd shoot as directed. Happily I know that situation will never happen to me but I would hope that if it would save lives, a firearms owner in that position. would do as they were asked.
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