Civilian and Military Emergency Care Conference - 13/15 Sept


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A mate sent me this: thought some on here might have an interest (don't shoot the messenger) :

College of Emergency Medicine in association with Royal Centre for Defence Medicine and the Royal United Services Institute

13-15 SEPTEMBER 2010 International Conference Centre

􀂮 Emerging practice and technology
􀂮 Practical Workshops: Imaging and Interventions
􀂮 Systems Development: Pre-hospital, Trauma,
Clinical Guidelines, Impact of changes on outcomes
􀂮 Bringing the lessons home: experience of the
combat casualty journey (point of wounding to home nation)
􀂮 Practical Demonstration: Care under Fire to Field Resuscitation
􀂮 Pain Management in Emergency Care
􀂮 Audit and Governance in Emergency Care
􀂮 CBRN, Disaster and Mass Casualty Management
􀂮 Paediatric Emergency Care

Enquiries to
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Details of registration and fees etc HERE

No, I don't know whether your Unit T&S will cover it.
Yes, it is not free
No, I am not the RAO - she's much better looking.
Yes, this is all I know.

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