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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by texter, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. Please can I get some assistance. I am doing a degree and im doing a paper on civilian accreditation of military qualifications. What im after is just basic comments from ex serviceman who gained civvie quals whilst they were in and whether they were of any use. Im particularly interested in Ex AGC(SPS)


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  3. I have a BTEC in sweeping shit up.
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  5. Mate of mine in the Dutch Navy is doing a Technically related Masters degree, and hardly needs to do any exam as his military technical quals are recognised by the Uni. Does the same apply for us lot?
  6. You'd need to ring the Dutch Uni and ask.
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  7. You mean the British Russell group Uni.
  8. I am doing almost exactly the same title for my final dissertation for my uni course but have struggled to find any amount of decent information. It was suggested to me to look at civvie accreditation of mil quals not restricted to the area I'm researching (Adventurous Training) and see how the general opinion of employers works. Have you had any luck? progress is slow and the deadline is closing in for me :sad:
  9. Hi
    I think for most military courses to get civvy accreditation, there is some extra work required (and money), not just a straight transfer. For example, I did what used to be the Infantry Warrant Officers' Course, and by staying for an extra day, doing around 3 modules and using one hit of SLCs, I gained a BTEC Level 5 Diploma in professional management. In my opinion it was well worth it, as it allowed me to then gain an Hons degree by just doing the last year out of 3 (also paid for, mostly, by the Army) Plenty of other blokes on the course couldnt be arsed and were just there for a tick in the box and bugged out as soon as the IWOC finished. The same with AT quals - unless you manage to get on one of the few courses that have civvy examiners (MLT, MLS etc) then you have to provide extra evidence of said AT experience, and of course cross their palms with silver.
    If you need any more of my experience for your coursework, then feel free to PM me
  10. Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) is well worth a read. This has been incorporated into the UCAS profile, but clearly there remain some questions, mainly "How does my military service/experience translate into concrete points which are recognised as admissions credits towards the entry requirements for a degree course ?"

    If an "A" level is equivalent to x points, how many points is an RNSETT qualification worth, for example ?
    Subject-specific military qualifications are more easily transferable, is medics, etc, indeed , many of the quals held by military are straightforward. But how do other skills fit in ?

    Answers and ideas are welcome - equally, is there actually a demand for places at University for ex-service personnel ?
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