Civilian Accreditation for Military Qualifications

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by accidentalscaley, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Any body know how i get accredited for the quals i've done in the Signals? I'm told the 3 month class 1 Sys Op upgraders course is the equivalent to level 4? I've also done the Bowman retrade to class 1, RMA3, CBRN Instructor, BCDT Instructor, SAA Instructor, AFV 430 Series Driving and Maint Instructor. Plus Bowman, Unit, and NATO Crypto courses. I got feck all from school so i'm keen to beef up my civvy quals as much as possible. Any body help, or put me on to someone who can help? Thanks
  2. Have a look at 2005DIN06-055, although it should have expired by now it may have been superceeded. It mostly concerns management quals (which cost a fortune to obtain and may mean nothing)
    or try www, yet again management awards.

    Good luck, i cant even get BASI to acknowledge the hours ski instructing with a JSSI (A) qual!
  3. may sound simple- but if u've got a NVQ centre on camp or one near u they sould be able to help u out or refer u to someone else!
    There is a scheme out there to enable us to transfer mil quals into civi ones!! For instance u get two NVQ's for passing ur basic mil swim test!! Personal aquatic survival or something like that!!! crazy!!
    hope this helps!
  4. See the CMI website gives you quals from your CLM
    Its a case of trawlingwebsites and begging thats what I did.
  5. What Rank are you?
  6. Now be realistic. How many of these have a direct civvy equivalent?

    It's only fair, after all. I've known University professors, Phds etc who can't even get a Class 3 in their specialist subjects from the Army.

    "Oh no, you've got to do a three week course!" FFS, some of these people have done more than 5 years and could run rings around the Army instructors. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Army instructors were taught by the people who can't even get their foot on the ladder.
  7. accidentalscaley I left the job 14 years ago, I was lucky as I had a good YofS who helped me transfer my trade and EPC quals into civvy quals. Believe me you'll need them to get through to the interview stage.
    Approach the City and Guilds they will send you a pack of what you need to evidence to get your NVQs etc. Also try approaching a university who will be able to help with accreditation towards a degree or diploma in the field of ICT or management depending on your rank.
    If you've done your education for promotion certificates they are transferable to maths and english GCSE/O level equivalents, again through the City and Guilds.
    I have a mate who is the Systems Manager for the NHS, one who is the Comms Manager for the Police, another who is a dispatcher in a police communications centre. As for me I am a shift supervisor in a police crime centre, said I'd never bother with management, but just naturally ended up here. We were all DTG's/Tele Op TG - the former version of Area Systems Operator.

    Hope this helps :D
  8. Am in the same position here, just about to finish my 22 years, and i have a shed load of certs, there must be somewhere an easier process of transferring them across or do they mean absolute shite and not worth the paper they printed on....

    I have done one and that the GCGI management one which you send off £88 to get a cert from the City & Guilds people, but i have others like my Health and Safety Advisor one which i wouldnt mind transferring...i will have a look at the City & Guilds website but trawling through multi webpages is a bore...would have been nice if someone else had actually stumbled across it to save the time...

    Hey ho here goes....might be some
  9. Accreditation for mil trade courses sits firmly with your Arm or Service. RCMO should have details of accreditation available. If he doesn't then he obviously can't be arsed to find out! Do it yourself!

    Accreditation for CLM courses is available through the Ed Centre. Remember, there is an 18 month cut off point for some acrreditation, with CMI in particular. Lots of WOs come back just before they get out and say, "Can I get a civi qual for my WO CLM?". Outside the 18 month point it is dificult but not impossible.

    Top tip. If accreditation is offered, bite the bullet and take it then.
  10. You can get your Civilian RCO,s of the back of your Skill at Arms Course, costs about £15 I think, got mine a few years ago, you do it through the NRA, really helpfull people. Now and again you see Jobs working for the Police that requires the Qual
  11. Wouldn't mind doing that myself. Any gen you have, would be greatfully received
  12. 25 quid now
    Just need a letter stating you have been running ranges in the past two years
    Your course certificate
    And it only last for sixyears