Civil war in Nepal

Should we assist our Himalayan friends?

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Does anyone have any thoughts on the civil war in Nepal? I lived there for 4 months in 2001, just as things started to escalate badly ( I walked past the royal palace on the night of the massacre - quite possibly as it was going on, on my way to the 24 casino!).
Having some historic ties to the country it seems a shame we can't 'lend a hand' as it were.

I realise British forces are stretched accross the globe, but to defend liberty is its job I would think?

Im not suggesting we send out an army or anything, but couldn`t we do more? From my time out there, it was apparent their respect for the UK is rediculously high, I don`t think they would see it as interfering in their affairs as most nations might... For those of you who might take the 'its their problem view' ...well wasn't Iraq 'someone elses problem'. The whole WMD was a bit of a red herring and America would have gone alone without us anyway... What do you all think?

I see the Logic and my heart agrees, but we would piss off the Moaist and unless the Royal Family are willing to give up absolute power and introduce a constitutional monachary I fear we would be on a looser.
You are suggesting that we intervene in a clash between two armies or factions, made up entirely of Gurkhas? Hello Mr Winner? I have a plot idea for a film called "Deathwish 12, This time its Nepal" which I think your people and I should get together on...
Im not suggesting we send out an army or anything, but couldn`t we do more?
I was suggesting some form of intervention yes, not necessarily on a large scale.

The term Ghurka comes from the region of Ghorka in Nepal. Not all Nepalese can thus be described as 'Ghurka' . The Royal Nepalese Army will equate somewhat to the Ghurka units in the BA. However the Maoists are largely villagers from the remote regions with no formal military training. Yes it is a nasty war.. but arn't they all these days.... Fighting terrorists is the name of the game nowdays.. sigh

You make a good point though, it wouldn't necessarily be pretty.
I think we owe these people debt for Ghurkha service in every conflict since the Indian Mutiny. However, i don't think our government. sees the world in the same way. Yes the Royal Family, what's left of it, are hardly a democracy but neither were the Kuwaitis and Saudis in '90.

Its complicated by the fact that the Maoists are backed by India rather than China so even if we did have a spare Brigade or two it would be pretty awkward, politically, to wade in.
The situation has been made more complex since the King sacked the government: now there are 3 sides the divisions within society are even more confused.

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