Civil Svce Rules for Allowances

Why are members of the Civil Service allowed to self authorise claims whilst I am forced to jump through burning hoops to prove to a civi AA that I am entitled to a claim?

Also, why do the Civil Service get a higher milage rate for claims involving use of their own vehicle?

Next - I heard that civil servants in Germany do not pay fuel and light bills but still qualify for a Rebate (Rhinedahlen 2000).

Why the different rules for them? Are we to assume that we cannot be trusted. :?:
Though I'm not a civil servant, we (I work for a MOD contractor), have similar allowances - some of them at least. Our staff can't self-certify, and all claims are audited.

The usual mileage rate is 25p - there is a higher rate for 'duty' journeys but in 7 years I've never been able to get it.

It is true that UK based civilians get free housing, heat and light in BFG. They do not get a rebate; on the contrary, there is a limit on the amount of heat etc.. Anything used over the limit is charged for. I think the freebies were introduced to persuade civ servants to go to Germany. They are paid much less than their military counterparts, too.

For true abusers of the system, see UK based teachers - a ghastly lot.
How many Civil Servants are there in Germany, suppporting the UK military? I was told that it was somenthing like 3000 looking after 30000 Tps - I Civ for every 3 Soldiers?

If that is the case, then surely many of the 'customers' at the schools, doctors etc are civilian dependants - a case of the 'tail' justifying itself

I am not trying to have a dig at the Snivel Service - I am genuinely interested in how this behemoth justifies itself, as I seem to spend the majority of my time filling out paperwork they generate.
Different rules is because its different systems. Having worked with many civil servants, in bases, HQs, MOD and on Op Tours, many of them are jealous of our allowances and systems, and believe that the PPOs are better at getting improvements than their Trades Unions are. If you want a different system, then either propose the improvements and justify them, or join another club?

I do not neccessarily want a different system, BUT I do want equity between us all. I do not understand how a civil servant working for MOD and a uniform working for MOD cannot get paid the same travel rate. As for free housing in FGR etc. Why can the Civil Servants not get paid at a higher rate then pay for their qtr as do the rest of us. In those instances where the Army get a better deal then why not extend that to Civil Servants who work alongside them.

The original spark that caused me to start this thread was a discussion with a civil servant who was boasting about his rates compared to mine.
In addition, I have seen the Armed Forces shrink over the last 14 years whilst we have more Civil servants in the MOD than at any time in its history.
Muppett said:
How many Civil Servants are there in Germany, suppporting the UK military? I was told that it was somenthing like 3000 looking after 30000 Tps - I Civ for every 3 Soldiers?
Muppett, I trust that your ability to do addition is greater than your ability to do division....


Whilst I do not particularly like civil servants - I think you are getting a tad carried away.

There are not more than ever before as they have suffered stringent cuts as indeed the military have. Remember their terms and conditions are very different to ours - x factor, rates of pay et al - and of course claims as you rightly identify. There are ups and downs in that we get allowances for somethings that they don't - for example Boarding School Allowance whilst serving in the UK.

Personally I wouldn't waste your ire on them as there are more important things in life ! :D

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