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Been offered a role within a Council Organisation as an SEO but the salary offered is quite substantially below that quoted by the Agency. I know that the Civil Service works on the increment/ladder basis similar to the forces but I'm curious to find out what the lowest level for an SEO is, simply because I think that is what has been put on the table. I think, having worked within a civilian'ish' environment for a while, that it is possible to 'jump' up the pay scale as an external, truth or myth? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, BTH
The latest figures I have are that the minimum and maximum salary for an SEO grade (I think this is a C1in the MoD) is £31,650 and £40,515 respectively. It is probably a myth that you would automatically be bumped up the pay scale as most people, but by no means all, tend to start at the bottom of the pay scale when they begin working at that grade.

However, external applicants are normally recruited because they have a certain level of expertise / experience / professional qualifications that internal applicants may not have so they are likely to get a higher salary than the minimum.
Civil Service pay has been determined by each department individually for some years now, the going rate for an SEO will depend on the Department and location and other factors. There are also specialists "professional" grades, e.g. Senior Scientific Officer that equate with generalist grades such as SEO rankwise, but get paid considerably more. Some jobs and locations also attract other allowances.

As for jumping I knew one guy who passed a promotion board to SEO from EO, whose Department wouldn't let him make the double jump in grades. He had to resign and re-apply and the promtion was honoured. They basically needed his experience and knowledge for a new agency being set up though and that was a few years back. He did very well after.

You also get people recruited in to the civil service as "directors" who do seem to get more than the advertised going rate for the grade they are at. This is argued as being necessary to recruit and retain good quality candidates from outside the service.

Some departments are listed at Civil Service Recruitment Site search on Salary scales. I did find a better link but it doesn't want to work outside of the browser session I was in. As with each Department setting it's own salary scales, some of the old grade names have gone too, so some of the examples quoted mean nothing, well not to me anyway.

Hope this helps
Cheers for the responses, will approach the Agency to see if I can get a bit more (greed factor), it's just nice to have secured a (hopefully) decent job even before termination leave kicks in.

Thanks again.


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