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Civil servants who need beating to death

Now today just came off the phone trying to do my job.. Spoke to to some bird who is clearly rammed up her own arrse and full of self importance, telling ME the protocol/proceedure in my job..... She had great pleasure in telling how fucking great she was and what her appointment was....

The context of her conversation was that she was so arrogant it boiled my piss no end..... Maybe I only lowley SNCO in the British Army but are there any people in the MOD Civ div who need a fucking good kicking or is it just me....?

By the end of the conversation it was through gritted teeth, and I am surprised my phone had a handset by the end of it....

How many cunts like this have you had experience of???? I have worked with some really nice Civil servants dont get me wrong!
Well, I'm a civil servant and I think that most soldiers are scum and I therefore treat you accordingly. And I also think that most of your wives need bags over their heads.
ROTFPMSL I love Civil servants, it's a pity the don't understand the servant bit, never been the same since they banned flogging the little tinkers


Pity they don't understand civil either, impolite slaves that they are.
Many years ago I was a MOD Civil Servant. One of the biggest problems we had to handle were jumped up dickheads who had been in uniform for ten minutes making demands and giving orders. Many of the older, more senior blokes had spent a lot of time in the forces, and it was a joy to watch them reminding spotty little Corporals and LAC`s and such exactly where in the pecking order they stood.

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