Civil servants v Military officers

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Lady_Mreturns, May 27, 2007.

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  1. In some units MoD civil servants and military officers get along just fine, each doing their own bit, recognising the boundaries and skills that they each bring to the service, but in some units oh my god but mil offrs give civvies a hard time! Why? I chose to serve my country the same as a soldier, but I don't do all that fitness malarkey and I don't do weapons, and I certainly didn't get an 8% pay rise....comments? Now don't all shout at once... :lol:
  2. Go home, there's nothing to see.
  3. Not doing the "Fitness malarkey" plus Don't do weapons" = "Certainly not getting an 8% pay rise" because effectively you are not "serving your country the same as a soldier". In other words your "Boundaries" are indeed being recognised.
  4. You seem to have a view on quite a few establishments if you can come up with that idea, not something normally associated with a civil servant.

    I smell Journo.

    Now feck off you cretin.
  5. Lady M_returns , now please about turn and F_uckoffski !!
  6. I didn't get a 8% payrise too - heck of a coincidence.

    I do remember when it was reported in the 70's that we had a 29.5% payrise and the government of the time neglected to mention to civvies and journos that we do pay tax.
    Out of this HUGE payrise I received 2 pence extra per month on my pay - not exactly enough to keep pace with inflation.

    'ckoff journo
  7. Oooh nasty! See what I mean?
    I ain't no journo tho, crikey please don't insult me!
    And I won't be told what to do by apes and snails!
  8. What happened sweetheart. Some squaddie dumped you & now you're all bitter & twisted??? Get over it!!
  9. My bold. And this is why Civil Servants are hated so much. Plus the blatant incompetence (obviously).

    I tend to find that the decent Civil Servants get on with the decent Squaddies. The stupid Civil Servants get on with the stupid Squaddies and the fatties of both are laughed at by all.

    Now go torch yourself.

    P.S. I'm a Civil Servant before you throw your teddies.
  10. As a clerk who has spent 2 tours doing staff jobs, most of the problems actually come FROM civil servant. The following quotes may sound familiar:

    "Not my job"
    "Sorry, it's 4-30, I'm off"
    "You can't speak to me like that, I'm not military"
    "Duties? No - that's for you lot who're paid 24 hours a day" (when there are only 2 military in a team of 10 - and the duty only involved staying late on one night to lock up - and gave you a late start!)
    "I'm stressed, so I'm off work for 6 weeks"
    "Sorry, I can't come in today, I've decided to take a weeks leave"

    I know that civil servants are not particularly well paid, but they can be (some of them anyway) the biggest bunch of whiners, whingers and jobsworths going.
  11. As a Slight aside, you could also delete the words Civil Servant and insert the RAF :D
  12. Possibly because they impede the democratic process, by not allowing the government to what it wants? (admittedly, not a bad thing in the case of Neu Arbeit, but what happens when a better party takes over, and wants to change everything? 'Oh no, we can't do that, it's impractical/would take too long/too much paperwork')

    Hmm, edited to add, that was a bit one-sided. I'll say that there are probably a lot of 'good' civil servants out there, just as there are probably a few 'bad' Military Officers, so apologies to any decent Civil Servant type bods I may have inadvertently offended, and what I put above does not apply to all of them. Is it a pain in the arrse being neutral though?

  13. Hmm, can't say that sounds familar at all. I take my duties seriously, am available 24/7 and keep my mouth shut when soldiers are talking dirty in front of me....maybe the civil servants in your office are so stressed and on sick leave cos you're a pain in the arse to work with???
  14. I’m a CS and a Reservist so I think I’m the lowest form of life here. I also work long hours, am on call 24/7 (and am often called in) and enjoy military banter.

    Seriously though, there are a few issues here. Firstly the military/CS lifestyle. CS are only paid to work a 37hour week – if you tell them to stay late, they are being forced to work for free. I suspect you’d throw your toys out if someone told you to work late for free? The military is a lifestyle, the CS a job – the salary and expectations reflect that. Also worth noting that 50% of the MOD CS earn under £20k per year.
    Also the CS did not get an 8% pay rise across the board – a very small number received roughly this amount because they’d just been promoted, which triggers a 5% rise, then moved up on the pay scale to reflect the new minimum pay for that level. The vast majority of the CS got 2.5% this year, which is merely a move up the pay scale drawn up 5 years ago. In real terms it works out as a pay cut. Think about how you would respond if the Govt effectively handed you a pay cut?
    From a CS perspective, a lot of military people turn up, often from command positions and assume that its business as usual. They charge around and assume that the people will do whatever they want. Sorry guys, this is the real world – use some basic manners, you know the things you’re taught about at Sandhurst and perhaps try treating staff with some basic respect, rather than shouting and screaming. The CS have seen it all before and will see it again – in my office the military personnel act with a degree of humility and we can’t do enough to help them. By doing so they have effectively become the team leaders and we respect them for it. Think about your approach, the “follow me lads” method doesn’t always work well in Whitehall.
    Finally you seem to be confused about what the MOD does? Well its roughly 80k people who do everything from basic security, reducing your need to stag on, through to a lot of technical things like ammunition workshops or vehicle maintenance. They do contractual work to support you in the field, and also do all your admin to ensure you get paid. A small number – maybe 5% of the whole lot work in London, and of that maybe 10% are involved in policy making. Others work in intelligence giving briefs that could save your life if you bother to listen. Several thousand civil servants (myself included) have served in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan in some high profile and quite risky positions, conducting a range of tasks to help support you in the field. Yes we have muppets, yes there are issues, but don’t tar us all with the same brush. The armed forces have an equally large number of muppets too you know.
  15. Had ten years or so (Army) in the MOD in London and thought the civil servants were ok. There were a few pretty dodgy soldiers about though. I reckon that, like soldiers, if properly led and cared for, civil servants are no different to anyone else.

    The ones working with and for me in Gulf War I were amazing and 100% spot on reliable. Then most were rewarded by losing their jobs which were moved to Glasgow.