Civil servants scoop record bonuses for Bank debacle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Nov 23, 2008.

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  2. All bonus payments, to all public employees, should be suspended whilst the current crisis exists. It is immoral that, at a time when the private sector is shedding staff, and cash is drying up, public services are running on as if nothing had happened. No pay rise, no bonuses, until we get back to 'normality', however that may be defined.

    On the subject of bonus payments I have, in the past, sat on one or two of the panels that consider awards. I always chuckle over the recommendation for a bonus that included a supported statement about 'managing significant resources' - these included a PC, a fax machine and a photocopier. The majority of recommendations are for completely unexceptional events, that in other sectors would simply be regarded as a fair day's work.
  3. You've got to laugh, £1.2 million for an entire department, the Royal Bank of Scotland are paying out £1.79 billion in bonuses to its staff, in the very same year that they had to be bailed out and are now practically owned by the government. Also the RBS are spending more than £1.2 million on Christmas parties for their staff this year!

  4. So we will just suspend the TA bounty then? You'll be popular!
  5. Fair point.
  6. The heading seems to point to stopping bonuses for civil servants. Luckily for the TA they're not civil servants and they have been known to do a fair day's work. :wink: So crack on with stopping all bonuses.
  7. Hmmm. Servicemen and women seem to make do with medals to recognise their "response to "particularly demanding tasks or situations"".

    Can the Forces be classed as CS for bonus purposes? :D
  8. A few years ago when I was transferred to the ministries the new pay agreement included "performance related pay", the reason being that the govt could give the pay rise the union wanted whilst at the same time saying
    Of course the rest of the award was PRP to actually fail to get the average was nigh on impossible, to get the top rate was likewise. Since the difference was about £100 pa it was academic. Now it seems as if the govt is hoist with it's own petard as if they refuse the bonuses the unions will raise hell, and if they don't then the public are annoyed. If only Blair was alive to see this, oh, he is, b gger!
  10. What a good idea to scrap the bonus's for the civil servants.

    Whilst we are talking about saving money in these hard pressed times, lets look at forces pay too. Why don't you ask to be paid for the days you actually work ? Oh maybe not ! ...Its all about the T&C's of the job you or they are employed to do......If your not happy someone gets paid more than you......change your job........As an ex serviceman I understand where you are all coming from but as a civil servant......These are my T&C you are talking about........ Funny enough though we dont all get these fantastic bonus's.
    However the higher echelon does have to compete with industry and try to have comparable salaries.
    I still have the words of an Armoured Corps Corporal telling me he "wouldnt get out of bed" for my current salary. Still at least you are all upholding one of the British Army's finest traditions.......Wingeing !!!!!!!!
  11. Scammell350,

    am impressed 4 posts in 2 and 1/2 years of ARRSE membership... make sure the 5th one is something worth writing about
  12. The bonus system was introduced by this current government to reduce pensionable pay. Essentially all CS departments are given a pool of money from the annual pay award to give as 'bonuses' as it gives money away, without the long term pensionable commitment. Its caused uproar among many CS who rightly see it as a means of denying us proper pay rises - for example in the MOD our pay scales have not been revalorised since 2001 in part because of this bonus scheme - we're all earning 2001 wages, and supposed to be grateful that X% of us get bonuses awarded rather than all of us earning a decent wage.

  13. Yawn !!!!!!! I'm sure you are worth it !!

  14. Very true jim !!
  15. How well would they perform under fire?

    Do the boys in Afghanistan get a bonus??