Civil Servants claim for wear and tear to clothes etc.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mark3536, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Why not? I ripped a shirt at work once as it got caught on the end of a desk as I walked past it. I happened to mention it to my boss who said "buy another one, keep the receipt, we'll pay you for it"

    Cheers easy.
  2. I get tax breaks for shoes and tights.
  3. One off's are one thing, but as it's coming from the public purse, could this not equally apply to the Armed Forces? Ie, i could in theroy claim for 14 years worth of Razor Blades, shaving foam, ripped and torn civvies that i have had to use for work etc

    I might like to add that i would proberly never do so, but because i can't i want too :)
  4. Did you pay for most (if not all) of your work clothes while working for the army?
  5. I'm with you on that one, I've been able to claim the non-uniform grant (annual) for the past 4 years, I took the initial one on posting in, but haven't bothered since, quite a few at my unit are the same, call me old fashioned, but morals and all that, just think its a bit cheeky! ............. Stick the civi buggers in an old school issued green boiler suit, if they forget to bring it to work and they haven't got a note from they're mum........well.......they will have to wear pants and plimsoles !

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  6. I'm not talking about the issued uniform we all wear, that of course is a non-starter. It's the times when we are told to get into civvies for work!
  7. Which is very rare compared to the time we get to spend in uniform paid by the taxpayer. Not so outrageous that for the vast majority of your 22 years somone else pays for your clothes, is it?
  8. Must be some allowance you can claim for washing them?

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  9. Typical Mail stuff. The standfirst alledges stuff not supported by the 'reporting'. (Mix of Civil Servant and Senior Civil Servant without differentiation between who gets what). The mix of fact and fiction. ("Civil Servants are automatically granted ... a generous allocation of six weeks’ annual leave". Twenty days is the norm on entry but after 10 years rises to 30 days). A quote from the taxdodging "Taxpayers Alliance" followed by a a quote destroying the 'article', "A Cabinet Office spokesman said: ‘There is no free-for-all clothes replacement in the civil service. Departments can compensate employees for property damaged at work but only if there’s reasonable case for it. Abuse of the rules is not tolerated.’"

    And all to wind up halfwits...
  10. Im not outraged at all, just merely pointing out that i have spent alot of time in civvies whilst on duty, however it has been sporadic but when you add it all up = quite alot!

  11. You should ask in the JPA forum, there is bound to be a way of claiming it all back that no one has heard off before.
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  12. How much time? Most people will be lucky to work in the welfare office for a few years in their entire career. The vast majority of squaddies are in taxpayers funded uniform for all of their time.
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  14. Never worked in the Welfare Office. I agree with you that the majority of time you are in uniform, however over a period of about 3 years, due to some of the jobs i was doing i was in civvies more than uniform.

    I did try to claim the non-uniform allowence but i, as the other guys who were doing what we was doing were fucked off as we did not meet the regulations. I have no gripe with it, it's just one of those things.