Civil Servants being forced to accept abysmal pay offer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by admag, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Just been forwarded this by a collegue,

    Some of you make think that the CS are a group of overpaid jumped up little hitlers, but when you realise that 2/3rds are on less than 16K. they are getting royal fukced over with their pay rise. reminds me of another group umm oh .... no can't think the name has slipped my mind :p

    they are being offered 2.5% pay increase against the 3.7% rise in inflation WTF and it's 6 months late........ but what gets me pi55ed off is if you take into account that MPs are asking for a 40% pay increase and will more than likely get it!

    I wonder, how many of you feel like lying to constituants, planting trees, partying in london, sleeping on leather seats, getting paid 60K a year but also claiming admin fees for your wife to be your secretary in addition to claiming for a second home so 100K a year will that be alright.

    so form a nice Q.

    anyway here's the letter

    To : All Members in Ministry of Defence

    1 December 2006 MoD/MB/23/06

    Dear Colleague,


    On Thursday 30th November PCS received a final and formal pay offer for non industrial staff from the MoD. The main details and the background to the offer are set out in full at the Annex to this circular. Further details are also available from your Branch who have been sent a copy of the full offer letter. The PCS MoD Group Executive Committee met yesterday and decided unanimously to recommend that members reject this appalling pay offer for the following reasons:

    1. The offer represents a massive and unjustifiable pay cut for most MoD Staff. With inflation running at 3.7% and rising an offer of a 2.5% increase if just not good enough.

    2. There will be no increase in the value of pay bands. Most staff will get a 2.5% progression step only. There is no revalorisation of pay spine points.

    3. Money has been committed to shorten pay bands. Whilst this is overdue and welcome, MoD are doing this at the expense of cost of living increases for all staff. This is unacceptable.

    4. MoD proposes to slash the pay band maxima for staff in the E1 and E2 pay bands. This is an appalling attack on the lowest paid staff. At Band D the max is frozen.

    5. In the C and B pay bands the Department have introduced infinite progression. Under these arrangements staff will never be able to get to their Pay Band Maxima because the max rises at the same pace that staff move up their pay spine.

    6. MoD proposes to continue their discredited Bonus Scheme. The system is still based on relative assessment – meaning that staff can perform well and receive a good report and still not get a Bonus. The proposed abolition of cluster panels means that there will be no impartial assessment of award and there is still no moderation process that allows staff to complain if they do not believe that they have been fairly treated.

    7. The Department has failed to equality proof the pay offer meaning that there is no guarantee that staff will be treated fairly.

    8. The offer makes a derisory proposal to staff in inner London and proposes to freeze outer London weighting.

    9. The offer is 6 months late, and after waiting for so long staff should not have to accept a pay cut and quite vicious attacks on their standards of living.

    10. The Department have completely ignored the view of their staff. The PCS Pay claim, supported by 95.7% of members in June this year, has been rejected without any real explanation. Affordable PCS proposals, such as a guaranteed underpin of £800 for all staff were dismissed out of hand.

    Next Steps

    PCS asks all members to attend the Pay meeting and to vote to reject this derisory offer in the forthcoming ballot. Many MoD staff are struggling to make ends meet. The cost of living is rising rapidly. Inflation continues to increase; fuel bills have risen by an average of 20%, and since its introduction Council Tax has increased by an average 131%. Those of you with mortgages payments to find will be paying more. In these circumstances we believe that this pay offer is little short of an outrage.

    The Department will no doubt blame the Treasury for this abysmal and insulting offer. This is undoubtedly true. Pay cuts and attacks on standards of living are being demanded by New Labour across the Civil Service in the 2006 pay round. PCS members will have their opportunity to resist these attacks by voting to support strike action across the Civil Service on 31st January 2007.

    However many loyal and hard working MoD staff will want to know why their employer did not fight harder for money on their behalf. MoD staff deserve better, standing together we can demand better. [/quote]
  2. If you pay peanuts...


  3. The infamous pay rise.

    The main problem is (surprise surprise) the Union which does the negotiating for us (even those of us not in the Union), good old PCS.

    The last time around, they went in with a ludicrous offer, the Govt told them to poke off, it went round the table for ages, then we ended up with a crap increase and 'The Bonus'. PCS heralded this as some kind of victory.
    If they had gone in with a sane offer, then we might have got a rise which was acceptable to everyone.

    I haven't followed the sage this year since I heard "you should have seen the pay rise PCS are going for..." and that was over six months ago.
  4. Totally agree, its crap :( . Civ servants I know in/around the military system are mightily cheesed off about the lack of a suitable pay offer, plus the length of time its taken to make one :x . Most are however not in any union, are ex military & will therefore "soldier on".

    The ones likely to take any future industrial action will be those around Land, DLO, and the ministries.
  5. Eh? What kind of logic do you use to back this statement up?
  6. Not heard anything about MPs asking for 40%, but have been out the news loop for a few days - does anyone have a link please
  7. Sorry - spent several minutes watching Pensionpointer's signature block and completely lost track of the thread.
    In otehr circles we'd use the term 'exploitation' - many employees are stuck with housing and schools. As with education and classroom assistants, they are looking for women with kids at school and need the hours to suit. There are also those who have a pension and 'soldier on'. As said above, you pay peanuts? As much as CS p1ss me off, they shouldn't be exploited. Strike!
  8. as it happens, it looks like the day will be the 31 Jan 07,

    oh well, it will only be like an extended wednesday afternoon for sports.

    bet the govt are shitting themselves, OOoooohhhh
  9. Tough sh1t. 16K a year's a damn site better than a lot of people get in the private sector. Don't like 16 grand for sitting on your ARRSE behind a desk? Try working on a building site. Or on a door, when the punters are kicking off and the police are dealing with another dozen, simultanous incidents. There are a hundred other jobs with far worse pay and conditions than Civil Service. So have a nice, hot cup of Shut The Fcuk Up and get on with it. Like the rest of us have to.
  10. so i guess you didn't want your 2K theatre tax bonus from tony and sent it back with a big FU, i bet the CS supporting us don't get shit!

    BTW wolfy, as a sparky, i spent enough my time on building sites, i'd of stayed if the apprenticeship pay wasn't so shite, but if u don't like working a door then fuc off do something else.

    the point of this thread which was plain to see for everybody else, was the fact off them getting fuk'd over for 2.5% when the MPs are asking for 66%.

    get it! or are you too used to drinking from your skiffed cup that you can't smell the shit thats called nepotism.

    so wind ya neck in and go back to ogling the kays lingerie pages
  11. Admag,

    Accept your point entirely about the disparity between 2.5% and 66% but I feel no sympathy whatsoever for public servants. There are too many of them, most of whom are, generally, engaged in pointless tasks.

    The restructuring within DLO Andover is a prime example. Cuts of up to 30% in staff levels will have not the slighest impact on DLO output, but unfortunately will not realise any savings as most of these unproductive staff are shifted onto that 'job rotation for the boys carousel' known as the Redeployment Pool.

    Although you could argue that this overmanning is not their fault as it is government who set the conditions for staff levels the unions do nothing to help the situation with their 'protect jobs at any cost mentality'.

    Incidentally, the public sector pay rises have greatly outstripped their private sector comparators over the last few years. In addition, the public sector has has gold plated pensions, unprecendented leave and sickness concessions, and trg opportunities that the private sector would die for. All in all a more than satisfactory package.


    PS You're not a civil servant are you@?
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well working in my last place we were run by a yank consultancy, they cocked up the job and wrote all of our staff crap annual reports, I got no pay rise. So a cut then! Topped off with as I had been there less than a year this time they terminated my employment. This when they wouldnt carry the can themselves. So much for a Union. How can I meet my targets and fail to achieve? Only the consultants could come up with that
    Dont work for or with Bechtel they are scum!
  13. The rise is the rate of inflation, as it happens. I don't know where the union gets its inflation figure from but I have:

    CPI = 2.2% overall, year to date; 2.4% monthly rate in October
    RPIx = 2.8% overall, year to date; 3.2% monthly rate in October

    So it's somewhere between 2 and 3% depending on what and when you take.

    Why should this calibre of people get any more? Want more? Get promoted or move jobs. Why should you deserve any more for just doing more of the same?