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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Davetheclown, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi work in a partnership office lots of civil serpents in there, they sort of are in CoC, SO1 and SO2 level. How do you formally complain about one? They seem to think they can muck about the serving lads in the office. One in particular is a outright prick, fed up with speaking to his line manager and CS closing ranks.

    I want him gone basically, personally love to drop him, they have no problem complaining about the lads to the boss. The boss says they are untouchable.

    Is there anyway I can formally complain?
  2. Put it writing to his line manager, copy in the line managers, manager. If you know any of the union reps speak to them they will be more than happy to give you guidance on how to stitch him up.
  3. Or you could just punch him very hard in the face?
  4. Harassment is potentially a serious disciplinary offence. Creatures like this should have their behaviour challenged promptly and they are certainly not untouchable. JSP763 is the bible to follow here. It's on the Gov website - just Google it.

    If the line managers don't deal with a complaint promptly and properly, there are further steps that you can take. There should be an Equality & Diversity Adviser in your organisation somewhere who will give you impartial advice. There's also a confidential help line for service personnel: 0800 731 4880.
  5. Roughly from what you say this looks like bullying or harrasment. In which case JSP 763 covers it. If it is another form of complaint then it may be a grievance.
    Grievance processes differ by department. For the MoD start with the People Services website and search 'grievance'
    (From the Defence intranet hompepage choose Personnel then Civilian)

    You've done the start by speaking to the line manager, either go directly to a formal complaint and state you have already spoken, or start off a written complaint 'informally'.
    Make this the last chance for the LM, if not acted upon in the appropriate timeframe then go straight up the chain.

    Alternately raise it to the LMs LM if you are unhappy from previous attempts.

    Note - On the 'Desired outcome' don't put it that you want him gone, if it's bad enough then he should be sacked. The old method of moving people on 'should' be all over - all it did was push the problem somewhere else.
    Say something such as rectifiying the issue and ending bullying / harrasment. Let the investigators decide what should be done. If it stops for a while and starts again then raise again, referring to the history and let things mount up.
    The CS involved (individual & LM) must take it seriously and stop, at those grades they should know better. If they can't stop then they need to go, and the same as service redundancies - we would rather keep the good soldiers and good civil servants in and lose the bad ones, if its bad enough then sacking a bully is better then paying a good employee to leave.
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  6. Cheers guys some good advice and followed it up with that JSP mentioned, by tomorrow someones intray is going to be full. Union reps were surprisingly helpful, think they were expecting it. From the service point of view its relatively easy to sort out, but CS are a unknown species.

    Ethel, cracking idea, but I dont own a pair of boxing gloves ;-)

  7. Gloves? Are you some variety of hairdresser?
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  8. What grade is the civil servant in question? EO and above can only be complained about through grievance processes or disciplined by an equivalent rank.

    So you'll need a Captain on your side as a minimum
  9. Why not keep an eye on where they hide their passwords, slack ******* all of them, then try downloading shit loads of dodgy porn onto their DII UADs and send a risque insulting homophobic emails to excitable members of staff?
  10. thought of that, however computer misuse act has no sense of humour, also in my building the fekkers log in with a time clock machine, so proving it was them.

    However at a previous place, friday free ads was a god send, the guy had to change his telephone number after a week of people asking for his sofa, fridge, donkey, sexual intercourse, breeding ferrets and his requests for astral projection therapy.
  11. You can be logged onto two UADs at the same time using the password......think about the implications of that!
  12. Didn't see gloves mentioned, you hermer
  13. I dont want to bruise my delicate fingers or god forbid break a nail,
  14. Can't argue with that logic
  15. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Perhaps not referring to them as civil serpents might help your case as well
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