Civil Partnership

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by camp-signals, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. First posting on here and it's sort of to get a feel to how other people would react to a same sex couple living in SFA.

    My partner is a little shy and would not want to put him in a duanting situation.

    Is any one out there in the same situation ?
  2. Whats SFA ?
  3. Service Funds Accountant.

    I wouldn't want to live in one either.
  4. would you want one in you though?
  5. Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

    You freak.
  6. Me smells a journo desperate for a story, any serving bod would know the score
  7. No, im not i Journo at all. Just trying to get an idea as to how me and my partners live will change should we take up "married" quarters.

    I still get the impression that some people are still so narrowminded.
  8. Look it is perfectly normal to want to experiment, try something moving into nineteen fifties housing stock which has been overhauled once in fifty years, having been occupied by twenty seven different family groups and smells of cabbage and nappies should not be a problem for you and your partner. However the RP Sgt next door may be more daunting...
  9. Same sex partners - in Service Families'Accommodation?

    A little queer if you ask me.
  10. So whats wrong with queer?

    Does it mean i cant do my job as well?

    Why should i be loosing out just because i am not the same as the straight couples.
  11. Rightly or wrongly, wherever you live, you are likely to encounter hostility and discrimination. However, as all residents of MQs are subject to military discipline, you may even be slightly better off living on camp rather than off.
    As long as you're both discrete, you probably wont have too many problems, but if you want to crank-up your fave Gloria Gaynor album, or throw a "Will & Grace" kareoke party, best keep your windows closed.
  12. OUCH! A little paranoid methinks. There are plenty of straight couples out there who will be 'loosing out' (sic) - they aren't being extended the same opportunities as you folk - they have to be married before enjoying the antiquated pads accommodation!
  13. once they start letting same sex couples living in Service Families Accommodation (cause they aint officially married) Are they going to let straight couples that are not married have them aswell? it would only be fair after all. my own opinion i wouldnt mind living next door to 2 fellas (and children if they have them) gay men are fab and they proberly have more conversation in them then most of the wives
  14. A gay couple have to optain a civil partnership which is legally the same as marriage. So should me and my partner ever decide to seperate we would have go through a divorce. So legally we will be married, but its just called a civil partnership.
  15. Yeah I'm all for it.