Civil partner at mess function

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by boy wonder, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys I am writing to ask if any of you know anyone who has brought their civil partner to a mess function. im proud to be gay but i think i might be rubbing everyones face in it if i bring my sexy parner to a mess function. do i need permission from the RSM or can i bring him like any other pernter.
  2. Thanks to equality legislation you are indeed free to bring your civil partner to the mess function. No one will be bothered as gays just mean more rampant totty for us real men!

    Oh and be careful with the phrase "Rubbing faces in it"
  3. trust me gay guys know real men very well
  4. Your "married" arnt you, just go, dont start down the road of what other people think, even so I people look at you, so what loads of people dont like other peoples wifes, doesnt make it a hate thing. Go along and enjoy yourselves.
  5. shite wah.
  6. Is it a ladies dinner night you're thinking of attending?
  7. no its not a ladies dinner night lol. i dont think he would wear a dress..... not in public anyway xx
  8. Will you be wearing the uniform of one rank higher than you are entitled to on this occasion? Sorry that your plan to be married heterosexually dressed as a 2nd Lt fell through. :twisted:
  9. I take it that its a cpls mess function, since you are a Cpl looking at commissioning.
  10. yes its a cpls mess function we are living together and looking to get married soon so techncaly we ar not civil partners but common law partners and im not sure how people will react if i take him to a function
  11. If you're not married to him, he's not your "common law partner" he's just your bit of fluff. Leave him at home and reign in your desire for attention.
  12. You have got to be the biggest attention seeking wah whore on this site. Do everyone a favour and go and play in the traffic.
  13. if you have lived together for more than 3 years then you are common law partners.. he is also my bitof fluff and he knows it xx
  14. Nonsense, there is no such thing as a "common law partner/marriage".
  15. [wah]
    There is no such thing as common law partners - its a myth. So as he's not legally your partner you may well not be allowed to take him.