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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Cambrai-Kid, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. I'm looking for information regarding the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

    They're on a recruiting drive at the moment due to the perceived threat to the nation's nuclear power stations and i'm considering sending in an application.

    Has anyone got any knowledge of the CNC? I've read all of the available information on their website and done the usual Google recce, but, would be grateful for any info that any of you may have.

    Are you a police officer in a county force who has had dealings with them, if so what was your impression of them?
    What prospects (if any) are there of transferring to a county force for a serving CNC officer, etc?
    What sort of people elect to join them, etc?

    Many thanks for any help, I realise that this isn't a police forum, but, I know that a fair number of arrsers are in the police. With only 650 officers in this particular force it's bloody difficult to get the inside scoop on them!

  2. I toyed with the idea of joining them once. They have them down the road at Dungerness. Trouble was they could not gaurentee I would be posted there & the Mrs at the time did,nt want to relocate. Selafield was one of the places you,d more likley end up at I was told. They are also permanatly armed as a matter of course aswell. The only Constabulary in the Country to do this I belive.

  3. Have you seen this?

    I think it's kind of like the Police version of ARRSE (I think).
  4. Guard duty, and arresting anti-nuclear protesters once in a blue moon!

    I can imagine that super-human levels of boredom are the order of the day.

    I think some of them travel to Japan escorting nuclear waste though, so you may get the occasional trip abroad.

    Plus after a few years at Sellafield, you'll glow so much you won't need a torch!
  5. Looks cool, Guarding Toxic facilities etc.

    But if you ever mess around with sh1t like this

    The Result.
  6. I used to pistol shoot with them when their trg school was in Dorset. The instructors were a good bunch and one of them went as oc the special ops bunch who do the foreign escorts. they also escort road convoys and do investigations and follow up stuff all over the place. if you go for it dont sound too gung ho as they dont like you admitting a fondness for firearms, almost a nessecary evil to the HQ lot. Sellafield or Dounreay are just about gauranteed postings for your first one apparently.
    good luck with you app.
  7. Not too serious study, but worth a look is in the latest series of Ultimate Force (one of the episodes not shown on TV but on the DVD). One whole episode covers this issue.

    I would guess the following:

    Great job security.
    Avoids some of the scum (sorry, I mean members of the public) most policemen have to deal with (I guess).

    Possibly slow promotion (I was tempted to say "Dead man's shoes" but I resisted!)
    If you fcuk up you really fcuk up.
  8. Not a lot of "live" action, but some very, very heavyweight training in getting in to buildings and the like.

    Plus when folk say "they are armed", they mean they are ARMED!!!!!

    Far bigger and more powerful stuff than most police forces (except possibly Alabama & texas) would ever use. Plenty of range time as well I believe.
  9. Many thanks for all of your replies.

    I've found a little bit of info about them on

    Regarding the possibility of slow promotion/dead man's shoes, I must admit that this is my primary concern at the moment!
  10. I applied to join then a couple of years back, and was surprised at how easy it was. The fitness should be a doddle to anyone involved with the forces, whether reg or TA, and the interviews/role playing are carried out at Centrex in Coventry....I managed to pass everything but was then told that one of my eyes was a point below the unaided vision standard they have - and laser surgery isnt an option, as it can apparantly cause halo's in your night vision......

    All in all, seemed like a good career, plenty of opportunity for courses, including dog handler, MOE, Tactical response....reasonable pay and benefits, and the shift pattern if I remember rightly, meant that out of every month, you'd work about 16 days......

    They also used the HK G36, and carried a Glock 19 as sidearms....

  11. Balls to promotion mate. It's not an issue in the bill. Try quality of life, especially if you're a pad with kids. You can afford to wait for promotion.

    It's not the big issue outside that it is in the mob. There's no stigma in being a PC for 6 or 7 years (or more if the fancy takes you).

    All the best.
  12. my view: Boooring !!!!

    I am sad to say that some of these specialist forces come under the heading "all the gear and no idea" if you want to be "ally" join CO19.

  13. You may have a point there, i'm also a little concerned that this particular force may appeal to the sort of chaps who subscribe to Guns & Ammo magazine!
  14. hi mate, try and if you scroll down theres a thread specifically for Non Geographic forces like CNC MoD etc etc

    It's a good place with plenty of info, helped me out a great deal with the job. :D