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Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Dollsteeth, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Hello all

    Id like to know if anyone is currently employed, worked in conjunction with or has applied to work in the CNC or similar posts within normal Police forces? Im looking into applying and would really appreciate any heads-up about the process in general and any course I can do through resettlement that may benefit me, in fact any information would be much appreciated.

    Cheers :)
  2. Its not really police work..... its stagging on but much better paid. And they have anti aircraft guns.

    , if you want to be a crime fighting copper thing again... if on the other hand you want to be a specialist armed security guard with a power of arrest and job security/half decent salary this could be for you.

    I know they have been going outside for leadership and have poached a number of inspectors from counties forces. There Chief Constable is from outside as well (i think SIS) so a force with problems devloping its own talent internally.

    Sure you wouldn't rather join the Met..... the DPG could be for you.

  3. Apologies but what is the DPG?

    My interests in the post were that i got the impression (perhaps wrongly :? ) that it may be easier (by that I mean less applicants as it seems to be less known) to get my foot in the door, there is a unit not to far from my home and their job sounded (though i appreciate the glorified recruiting aspect on show) quite interesting though having researched further a few people have stated all it is is a lifetime on the gate and very little use of skills learnt in training.

    My concern about joining the Met or Thames Valley (my local forces) are the fact that they are on a recruiting stop and the number of applicants make chances fairly slim but as above any advice with regards to policing and successful application would be highly appreciated mate.
  4. Google Met Police CO6
  5. I've worked at AWE, not doing the guard thing though. It's basically stagging on with MP5s etc from what I saw, and the odd patrol around the grounds in a Landrover.

    I think they also do escort duties when moving nuclear materials around the country.

    No idea about the selection process though, sorry.

    Forgot to add........AWE is a sh1thole of a place to work.
  6. Is DPG a specialised posting applied for after the probationary period?
  7. Yep,

    It was taken a bit more seriously a few years ago when we covered the Central London Armed Reserve.

    This duty now falls to CO19.
  8. AWE doesn't have CNC, the MDP SEG provide the guard force.

    Dollsteeth: have you looked at the SEG?
  9. A friend of mine tried out for the CNC recently, its damn hard to get into as they are a small force and have strict entrance criteria, it's almost down to a punctuation mistake on the form or so it seems. My mate has a lot of Govt experience in enforcement and he got knocked back at the application form stage.
  10. Its shared now, Rx now have ARVs
  11. SEG is a b'stard to join once in the Met. Not many posts and the job qualifications needed take a long while to get, hence theyre primarily ex-traffic
  12. That is a major selection process.
  13. Long gone the days of R5XX then?
  14. Looked into the SEG and mod plod, open to all ideas really, no dissrespect to anyone with ties to any of the groups mentioned but in the current climate best to keep my options open so as to avoid too many set backs.

    Does anyone know if the Met are looking to open recruiting again in the near future, or is it a case of one recruitment drive per year (poss less due to high application rate?)
  15. They still put out a car with that callsign, dunno if its still the 'enhanced' car, but they have actual ARVs with DPG volunteers who do the ARV course as an extra. good idea I think, except I was told they were binning the ARV idea so left the group, then they promptly reinstated it and I was stuck on a borough with a 2yr tenure! grrrrrr