Civil Nuclear Constabulary Recruiting

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by biffins-bridge, Jan 22, 2011.

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  1. For anyone interested, the CNC recruitment website opened this week. The CNC are responsible for the protection of nuclear sites and the safeguarding of nuclear material in the UK and in transit overseas. It is not a normal police role so don't expect to be rolling round with scrotes or catching criminals every day, the focus is purely on armed response and all officers are firearms trained with some specialising.

    The pay is comparable to the Home Office police but the pension is more aligned to the old Civil Service Pension. Military pensions can be rolled into the CNC pension to buy added years.

    website here Civil Nuclear Constabulary
  2. This role is the police equivalent of the MPGS. Sign up, sworn in and stag on.

    However, if you join or transfer in and specialise there are some great roles available to you. But chances are you will never make an arrest or investigate a crime, you will sign out a SLP and a HK G36 carbine and wander a fence line, check passes and rattle door handles.
  3. Agree'd with ID, they do a 'similiar role' to the MDP and the application process takes anything up to a year, thats why a good friend decided to go via the MDP route instead

    And now I hear rumours/recommendations via that same friend etc etc that the 'CNC/BTP/MDP' a possible merger (to cut costs) is being debated/considered, with the main HQ Base staying in Camden, London with regional offices reduced,

    has anyone else heard anything different?? clarification...
  4. Beemer, there has been talk about it for a long time. A couple of years ago the idea of a CNI (Critical National Infrastructure) Police Force was floated about that would take on the responsibilities of the CNC and MDP for guarding pieces of CNI, I think it ended up being nothing more than a pipe dream(boom boom) for some senior ranks though.

    There has been a lot of talk about force mergers of late, with the three national forces, but most of them manage to say that they are specialist in their own areas and a merging of this would downgrade their ability to do their core roles. There are, or have been, talks about merging the BTP with Highways Agency Traffic Officers, but I've been informed in another thread on here that is mainly being driven by the BTP and the HATO headshed isn't keen.
  5. Cheers ID,

    With the recent announcement of the MDP introducing an 'Specialist Firearms Wing' (another arrse thread) mainly focused on the vital major City Transport Infrustructure I strongly suspected it was mainly 'All' talk from a specific sector,

    However with the MDP doing this, it would assist with reducing resources required from the Met's own Firearms area, abeit certain situations, i'm surprised CNC recruitment is re-emerging again considering all the fiascal cutbacks, unless it's Natural wastage/retirement focused like other other sectors..
  6. Natural wastage, lots of officers joined the CNC a few years ago when they had their big recruiting push, now after two years of wandering round in the cold, on some desolate power station they've all decided to transfer out, the benefit for Home Office forces is good, they get an experienced AFO, the only down side is they may never have made an arrest or taken a statement. CNC has been recruiting for transferees for a while now too.

    MDP are the key force in some specialist areas, they have the largest fraud squad in the UK and are the lead in protester removal and the like. But I note they too are looking to make cutbacks, however the cutbacks they will be making are around 8% and other HO forces larger than that.

    But again, like the CNC it can be more focused on signing up and stagging on, more often than not at AWE.
  7. Are they not making 'cutbacks' in officers also, abiet only in certain areas??
  8. I believe there might be cutbacks in the roles they conduct out of their core business area (like Op Vintage, guarding non MoD tasking to guard gas terminals.) it's four sites across three force areas where there is no MoD presence.
  9. would you mind linking me to that please I know a couple of bods might be intrested to read that
  10. Having a mong moment: Its the BTP introducing a Firearms wings NOT MDP (check the arrse search), as MDP have already got one in place...
  11. no worries I started that thread ;-)

  12. He's not too happy, but it may be taken out of his hands. DfT are currently researching what, if any joint collaborations/cash savings can be made by merging various operations between ourselves and BTP.
  13. I have just recently retired from a home office force and was considering going into CNC, in the end I took a different career path altogether. However during the time I was making up my mind I did a fair bit of research with colleages already there. It is a good job with a good pay packet and plenty of scope. They are all armed and the training is carried out inline with NPIA guidelines but there is a heavy lean towards military drills etc.
    It would be a good place too go from the military.
  14. mdps a cracking job if you want/can afford thames valley.
    cncs a cracking job if you want the cumbrian coast.