Civil Liberties - are you worried?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldSnowy, Dec 23, 2004.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

  2. Interesting you got 9 out of 10, - there's only 9 questions!!!

    Managed 8 but will admit to a couple of lucky guesses.
  3. Got 2 out of 10 Totally crap!!! i spend way too much time away to even know that half these laws exist!!! Boy could I end up in the crap!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  4. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I just went with the unreasonably oppressive option and scored 7 :(
  5. Snap!

    All a bit depressing really. :(
  6. fcuking hell - i only got 2 right shoite!
  7. I went for the 'nothing is permitted' psychology and scored 8. Next year we can add:

    You wish an oppo ‘a Merry Christmas’ as a non Christian passes by in earshot. The non Christian makes a complaint to the police about the offense caused by hearing the word ‘Christmas’

    Can the police arrest you?


    B. Yes and send you on mandatory diversity awareness and appreciation training.

    C. Yes and summarily execute you.
  8. I got 6 going on the assumption that now they can do what they like
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator


    But then again I do see this every day! It's the law, you dont like it, go and live in New York or even Mosul.
  10. Wrong answer Ventress.
    If you don't like it, then stick around, doing eveything possible to have stupid laws changed or rescinded.
    THAT way, the people have a chance of reclaiming their freedom.
  11. Its quite shocking how many of these laws and Police powers have encroached, unnoticed by law-abiding people, and how you can get into serious trouble and obtain a criminal record for doing something you might have no idea is an offence.

    I was horrified by the case of a chap arrested for having a penknife in his briefcase in his car (e.g. Question 2 in the survey). This is one where I'm sure many/most of us have done something similar without realising we are commiting a serious offence - to most of us our car (and briefcase) would be an extension of our home and therefore not a "public place". What happens if you're on a long journey/picnic and have a small kitchen knife in with your sandwiches? What about the (thousands of) people who might buy an old bayonet at a militaria fair, or an axe at a garden centre, and take it home in the car? Or if you return from ex/ops and forget to take your CEFO out of the car with its bayonet/knife/KFS?

    The real danger is that, like much recent legislation, the law is poorly constructed - the authorities find it easier to use a shotgun approach on the law-abiding majority, rather than use perfectly good existing laws on the criminal minority (Gun laws? Brocock air pistols? Traffic cameras? ASBOs?). In general, the only people not represssed by such laws are in fact the criminals themselves. A good example is the last occasion where I happened to be a witness in a mugging/car theft case. The young crim involved (16 "previous" serious offences, though of course this fact not allowed to be revealed until after court proceedings) used as his weapon of choice - a sharpened 10" screwdriver. Nasty weapon and used as such, but his (legal aid) barrister maintained that he was simply carrying it to put up some shelves for his mum, and that was the collapse of the prosecution case. Better to jail a thousand good citizens for owning swiss army penknives than infringe the rights of a single career criminal....

    Once, years ago in London, I was challenged and nearly arrested by a copper for "carrying an offensive weapon" - I was in full-dress with sword for a ceremonial occasion. At the time I told him to "go away" and eventually he backed off. Today, especially with the craven PC-isation of the Forces, I wonder if its only a matter of time before a serviceman (sorry, serviceperson) is arrested for weapons possession...

    [Interesting point - perhaps some legal eagle can enlighten me: at Pirbright recently, I saw some notices informing service personnel that air weapons were not permitted to be kept or taken into a married quarter as quarters, inside and out, were considered "a public place". Presumably this means that quarter occupants are "in public" and therefore routinely commit a wide range of criminal activities, viz owning a carving knife, offending public decency (sex, dressing/undressing, having a dump, etc), etc....]
  12. What a load of cock that is. How can private rented accommodation be considered a public place? Then again, i'm probably wrong.

    If it is legal for a civilian to keep a non firearms certificate air gun, why are the rules different for a serviceman(person)? Signs like that are probably the result of someone without the correct knowledge making things up as they go along, thinking they are doing the right thing. Pretty much sums up the labour government to be honest.

    So, with this thinking can we consider all council owned houses public places? Or how about my quarter, which is on an army camp? Is it still a public place or can i feel free to hump the missus without my bedroom becoming a route for the ramblers society.

    Crap like that makes my blood boil.

  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Exactly people have died so you have right to change things- stop bleating and get a letter off to your MP, change things.
  14. Ventress.

    Sadly only the unwashed masses and/or bleeding heart lefties manage to change things. The thinking type in this "great country" are in a minority. No matter how many letters to your MP you send, unless he/she/it receive a very, very large number of "towing the line" letters then nothing will happen.

    Leave/Stay choice is for those who have little time and desire to change the status quo

    Merry Christmas all
  15. Things are getting stupid.

    Last week I had my car stolen by joyriders. A car I'd owned less than a month. Reported it to the police so I could at least get the insurance claim in.

    On a hunch me and my old man (he's an ex-squaddie too) went up to the bad housing estate. Didn't see the car anywhere. We decided to knock it on the head and go home. On the way home some t*sser was tailgating us.

    I look round to look at the car as it was the same colour and type. it wasn't it, the car over took us and guess what was behind it. MY CAR!

    With 5 little Chav Shits in it.

    My Dad chased them up a dead end while I phoned the most useless police force on gods earth Humberside Police (Soham Murders/ Ian Huntley ring a bell). I mean we had them trapped, we knew where we were, there arer cop cars every where. What did the Humberside Police mongs do.


    Sorry, no they did warn me about what I said as everything was being recorded.

    So they bashed their way past, escaped and fcuked off at a rapid rate of knots. It was recovered an hour later.

    It had £2,000 of damage and the insurance has written it off.

    Will the police catch them?
    Will the shites do it again?
    more than likely.
    Do I have faith in the Police?
    What do you think.