civil engieer wanted

Hello to all

I have been offered a good job in nigeria as a security manager. The job is a massive clean up of oil spill and willl go on for some years. However we need to put in a couple of bridges and some roads and also to consruct a cement works.

we will need a man from a R E background who will supervise the local labour force, and be able to assist in any other problems we encounter.

Salary approx 50K paid in UK and local living allowance paid in country accomadation supplied use of landi.
Flights all paid etc

My email: send cv if you fancy this.
50k to work in Nigeria isn't going to get any top quality people, triple it and you might be taken seriously.


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50K we made more than that in Nigeria in the 80s as a simple navvy, it costs at least that in "DASH" alone to work there. google Dash


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As an expat civil and environmental engineer I suggest that unless the salary is 50k Krugerrands you are unlikely to find anybody competent. Unless you are also offering an offshore per diem of around $300 and other benefits.

You might be better off looking for a South African construction manager if your budget is limited.
Suggest check spelling if wanted to be taken seriosly like...
People who live in glass houses and all that ;o)

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