Civie Ground Crew Opportunities

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Gunny Highway, Dec 19, 2002.

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  1. To bloody cold to work there Gunny LOL. ;D
  2. Far to far north for my liking GH, I get a nose bleed driving up the A1
  3. Sod working with the shiny trouser brigade with homo shoes more to the point... :eek:
  4. What's wrong with pushing and pulling cabs in minus 30?  Burp.....
  5. Are you saying you'd like to do that Gunny ;D
  6. Helmanx,

    I wrote that yesterday evening whilst drunk.  How I ever switched on the PC is beyond me.

    And yes, I rather like Lossiemouth and Elgin.  Very beautiful and peaceful.  But pushing and pulling is something I'll never do again, as earning 1000's just sitting on a computer everyday is more appealing then standing on the pan, p1ssed wet through, or sweating one's balls off.
  7. LOL

    Elgin is a very nice place to visit.
    But have to agree with you sitting in front of a computer is more appealing than standing on the pan. :D
  8. Elgin, lived there for three years! Is Joannes still there? Top night out. I must have doubled the gene pool!!!!! (Thats just with the canine population!).
  9. Disagreement looms, I'm afraid. I found Elgin a very nice place to LEAVE, thankyou very, very much. ( I spent 5 years in Aberdeen, I KNOW wot it are like up there !! )