Civi-V-Army life

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by trash1, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. Landmark day today I have now been a Civi longer than I was in the Army (15 Years Ex Royal Hamps not PWRR)

    Things that I still cant get my head around

    1.People not turning up on time for work, meetings, etc. I have managed to stop my self from asking if the time was AM or PM or excepting them to be 5 mins early

    2.The concept of its not my job (do they work for the same company) this one still makes me want to kick things around in the office.

    3.There are more muppets in charge in civi St than in the Army but a least you can sack them.

    Things that I like.

    1.Overtime or time in leui

    2.Its not if a CO,Plt commander likes you its if you can do the job

    3.Being paid a lot more than I was in the Army

    Things I miss

    1.Playing Rugby more than once a week and at trianing there being more than 5 people.

    2.Going on the piss midweek

    3.The teamwork

    4.Going to the Range, Gym and not having to pay for it (membership fees)

    5.Adventure Training this was a big thing in the RHamps and teying to get a couple of civis to try caving,canoeing in they own time is a real pain
  2. Have to say mate, I think you have hit the nail on the head there and im sure most others would agree.
  3. I get frustrated at this and I'm not mil - trying to persuade a 'team' to go on a clay shoot (at my bloody expense, using my guns) and just getting blank looks and excuses that they didn't want to miss some cack on TV. Even when it was shifted to being on company time, no fecking joy. 'Team' my arrse. Expect to be helped out when their lack of admin or preparation drops them in the smelly, out the door at 1729 like a whippet.... tw@ts.

    (May be in the wrong job)
  4. Just as long out and I had the same problems. Found solutions though.

    1.Got a professional qualification and started my own firm. I make the rules.



    Things that I like.

    1. Deciding who I will work for and what work I will do.

    2. Being the person who decides if my employees can "do the job"

    3. Being paid a lot more than I was in the Army

    4. Better food and accomodation

    5. Separation allowance is an indicator of how late I'm allowed to stay down the pub, not a pittance to compensate for me never seeing my family.

    Things I miss

    1. The mess.

    2. Going on the urine on a friday in the mess.

    3. The humour

    4. Paying overtime or time off in leui
  5. Some good points there Trash, and I agree with all.

    Special emphasis on "Teamwork"

    Fcuking civvies wouldn't know what it was if it hit them between the eyes.
    The only time their teamwork comes into play, is when they are backstabbing some poor B@stard who has just gone out of the room.