Civi use of mil ranges

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Our shooting club uses the local outdoor 30m range as one of its venues, however the resident battalion has changed over and it would appear no one at the new camp knows anything about us or any agreement in place.

    Who is the personality on camp who is likely to deal with this?

    Trg office? adj?

    Any help massivley appreciated
  2. Suggest that you write a personal letter to the CO of the new Regt, with as many detail;s of your previous arrangement as possible (ie any letters etc) with as much information about your Club, its legality ( ie. Licensing arrangements / police contacts) and the arrangements that you have with Defence estates for payment for use of the Ranges. You may also want to include the frequency that you wish to use the range and finally any sweetners that might be appropriate - ie. Offer of memebership to Unit members.
  3. All the stuff for the civis and police using our range was dealt with by the QM. Obviously not the same everywhere but as good a place as any to start.
  4. All of the above, and the CO should pass onto the Adj as a point of contact.
  5. Suggest a letter to the Bn 2ic, copy to RSM & QM.
  6. MDN,

    If you have used the range previously, and the arrangement has been formalised, you should already be operating under, and in possession of, a licence (F/Lands/434). This may need renewal but in any case should be the start point of your negotiation with the unit, and a letter should be directed to the CO/2IC.

    It sounds, however, as if you have been operating under an informal agreement whereby the previous unit allowed you use of the range on a grace and favour basis. If they did I would advise you not to follow this route again - massive headaches if something goes wrong.

    If the unit is unaware of the procedure to be followed they can find it in JSP 403 Vol 1 Ch 3 para 0327 - 0337.

  7. Thanks gents.

    The club chairman dropped dead, and I'm trying to find out who and what he was liasing with....

    My concern is that many of the blokes have this as thier sole shooting outlet, and to conform with keeping a ticket they need a range to shoot on.

    Once again, many thanks, C B Ops, will sort that now!
  8. The NRA regional representative should be able to help you with this.
    01483 797777 ex 156

    CBO covers it well.