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I'm thinkin bout gettin out after 7 yrs. I'm a cl 1 LCpl RSOP done alot of data comms and prob gonna do management courses on my resttlement. Any ideas of a good part of the publlic sector to get into. ???


Get yourself Cisco certified and you could easily be in the £50k-£80k range with approximately a years civi experience.
IT is the way to go.
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Wise words from Goku...Cisco's the way...But get some PRINCE2 in as well, Cisco bubble isn't going to burst, as such, but there's a hell of a lot more guys cutting about now with the quals, and PRINCE2 will likely be the methodology for delivering your Cisco soloution, almost definitely if its public sector. Oh, and a good CV is what gets you the interview, so don't overlook that either... Good luck mate.
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Mission PM me, been out four years now Cisco & Prince 2 qualed. Own company for tax reasons it the way ahead. Glad to help.


Don’t forget that as a soldier you have security clearance, that’s worth a lot of money on civi street. It gets you into the better paid jobs, I certainly take full advantage of mine.
SC goes a loooong way...often overlooked in civi world, but it can help you out no end :wink:
There are 2 ways to go - i got out in 94, phase 3.

i now work in local government as a networks consultant - the money is ok around £32k, but the perks are great, Flexi-time, 35 days hols, time off for TA, and all the bank holidays. i am CCNA (CISCO Basic Qual), ISO9000 Quality auditor and have done Prince2 in Theory Only, (this was an in house course) I work 37 hours a week and get time and a half.

however if i was 10 years younger - ie mid to late 20's i would be contracting and earning the big K's, it is out there, it just depends what you want to do with your life. Work your tatties off for a few years or just canter through and enjoy the time off.

i think if you can get VOIP and Wireless Quals they are coming through now especially as all the security issues are sorted.

Best of luck - and don't toss your resettlement away - i did - not worth it - do something worthwhile.
take a look at and see what the big GBP are pulling in, however I know from my time with HMG that once they (and other organisations) start sending you on courses they make you sign up that if you bail out within 1-2 years you have to pay the course fee back dependant upon course (not RSA typing!)
You won't get 50 - 80K unless you are CCNP at least. The vetting thing is a good one though and my clearance has landed me in a very good, well paid and comfortable job. I have done a VOIP course with Siemens and MAY be the way forwards. Better to have it than not. Also look at too
Make sure your CV is good too. Don't get too disheartened is agencies don't follow up cold calls that they make to you, they are shoddy in the way they treat you. PRINCE2 is the way forwards

I've been out since 99, (ex RTG) you can pull in easily £25-£65 (depending on what workload you like) doing fairly non-specific IT consultancy/project tasking for civy companies whilst building up more civ skills, and one job always leads to another. Talking to (good) agencies is pretty essential though in this day and age cos the IT job market's pretty much their party now. Most companies like ex-squaddies but be prepared to re-write your CV again and again to make civvy-readable sense of the mil stuff you've done...
i've got dv clearence will that help me more than havin sc or don't civi companies diferenciate betweent he two. Prince2 looks like a good idea and its kinda the way i was thinkin of goin. Does anyone know if there's any way i can get back to UK for my last year as i'm stuck in BFG at the mo and its not ideal for iternet access and job fairs etc. Also is it worth puttin a CV out on the net now even though its gonna be a while till i get out.

Thanks for all the advice so far its much appreciated!
Goku said:
Get yourself Cisco certified and you could easily be in the £50k-£80k range with approximately a years civi experience.
IT is the way to go.
Can you provide a link which has an example (outside London)? Presumably you're talking about CCNP or above?
Any IT types looking for a decent job in Germany?

The company I work for is looking for someone who can speak English & German, reasonably experienced in the IT world to work at their office in Munich.

PM me if you are interested and want details.

Oh and there are also jobs in Milan and Paris (Italian/French speakers required).
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