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Hi all was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. i'm thinking about getting out but i'm not sure what my qualifications and experience would get me or what courses to do on resettlement. I'm a LCpl class one radio systems operator with 7yrs experience ranging from div hq to training units. Just got the usual 5 grades above c at gcse in the core subjects to my name. I'm pretty computer literate, could probably set up a network without to much hassle. Thanks for any help you give


If your happy with setting up networks and you like IT, there’s a fek load of money to be made in computers.

Do an MCSE for your resettlement course, you’ll easily walk into a £20k job with that qualification, and the salary skyrockets with a bit of experience.
If you’re SC cleared then you can probably expect £5k on top of that.
I've got dv is that worth any more in civ div than sc. Someone told me to do prince 2 but not sure how i would go about gettin a project manager's job when i left if all i had was the qual an no experience. Cheers for the help


DV is worth much more than SC.
DV and SC allow you to apply for the very cushy and well paid government contracts, it’s not easy for civvies to get cleared hence it’s worth a fair bit.

Prince 2 can get you a good job as well but I would have thought that you’d need a bit of experience working on a few projects before you could apply for a project manager’s position.

Why don’t you go onto a job site like and search for jobs asking for the qualifications you have and are thinking of getting, then look at what sort of experience you need.
Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) for basic onsite or helpdesk support.....

Cisco if your into networking.....

MCSE is only useful with the experience, we got a helpdesk full of MCSE's and IT graduates.....

I'd try for a IT job within the defence industry, the experience you have as well as the vetting should be useful.


Ah Balls to it man get yourself on the pheonix CP course and get yourself on the CP circuit in the stan or iraq etc and
Do the Microsoft and Cisco certification. Prince 2 is a massive plus. Shows that you have the ambition to do the job. You should also teach yourself a bit of .Net coding as all I.T. people will need some sort of scripting knowledge. Go for it! :)
Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) for basic onsite or helpdesk support....
IT Guy has good advice, dont go straight into MCSE, go this route which is help desk support, learn your trade then go "back room" with severs etc (MCSE, CISCO)

You can transfer a lot of you "customer facing skills and experience" to the MCDST and is a good solid starting point.

The big one is do you really enjoy IT? It is not a job where you can switch off from after work. To keep up, you have to work in your spare time to do self development etc so if you heart is not in it, this could be difficult.

Hope this is of use
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