Civi College or Army education.

Im 18 and i've recently applied to join the army, Driver Air Dispatcher in the logistics. Its only recently i've had a re think about my GCSE's, which aren't good. So im thinking about going to college to re take English language and literacy, maths, science and maybe a language. But i've also heard the army do some education courses. Basically, i know nothing so far about what the army can offer in terms of education. So could someone please fill me in? Does the army even do courses at GCSE level? How long would the courses be and would they even do those courses im interested in? Also, once i gained the grades i wanted, would i be able to go on to study A-levels in the same subjects. If going to college would be better for me, either now or in the long run, I would be willing to drop the army process and do that. Cheers to anyone who replies!
Education first my friend. The army will always be here. The first couple of years will be lost with all your training then your integration into your unit, and then exercises and tours, and trying to get time off from a miserable old mean **** who never did anything with their life outside of drinking, garages, drinking, garages, drinking, exercise, drinking, garages etc. Before you know it, you'll be older, married and trying to fit things into a hectic schedule. Juggling kids, job, household stuff, and a head pecking wife who keeps bitching that you always spend too much time "doing that bloody course" not realising in her kitten and knitting filled mind, that it will be for the better for the whole family in the end. Do it now, other wise it'll keep getting put on the back burner. And if you do get better results from resits or further education, better jobs will become available. Instead of Pte M931 Air Despatcher, why not Lt M931, OC Air Despatch Troop?

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