civi clothes in basic

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by steven8gerrard, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. i'm due to start basic at winchester on march 17th and was wondering exactly how much civilian clothes should i take with me??
  2. Your entire range of clothing. due to new government initiatives all new recruits now get walk-in wardrobes and personal style assistants should you feel the need to go for some new ones.
  3. Take the minimum of anything.
  4. You know, a few weeks back the army decided that it should issue funny-patterned green clothing to everone, along with trendy boots and even a nice hard hat. They were getting fed up of people's baggy jeans falling down during the platoon attacks, you see ;)

    It's a training course, not a fashion parade. You'll probably be ten to a room and with only a locker for all your stuff anyway, so keep it lightweight.
  5. When I start basic, I will take a couple pairs of jeans, t-shirts, couple of shirts, couple of sweat shirts, suit - when you go on your weekend trip.

    I will not take too many civvies as I doubt your be wearing them, apart from any trips, adventure training etc... We will be wearing combats/clothes issued to us most of the time.

    If in doubt, ask your recruiter.
  6. depending on your troop/platoon staff, you may get very little chance to wear civies. bare minimum is advised, you could bring a few other bits and pieces back after your week 7 weekend home but can forget wearing them in the first 7 weeks - wont happen.

    as already said though, storage is tight. a squeese at the best of times
  7. for those who replied with constructive comments thanks and for those who felt the need 2 be sarcastic well u kno f*** off!! we havent been there b4 so dont kno what to expect but i suppose u guys new exactly what to do without asking any questions when u were new recruits???
  8. im sure youll go far in basic with that attitude, wind ya neck in ya gobby fcuk, if you cant take a joke what can you take?
  9. its not that i cant take a joke..e.g zulu was jokey but stil managed to ansa the question,i've got no prob with that but u on the other hand made a joke out of it but didnt help in the slightest so was it worth replyin??
  10. Top tip-learn to spell before posting on here and how to use correct grammar. Chav speak isn't tolerated, innit?

    Also, a sense of humour wouldn't go amiss. You'll need it in basic training.
  11. was that really worth saying? i started this topic just looking for a little help and people feel the need to just start pointless little arguements. I'm not a chav and have no issues with english it's just quicker and easier to spell some words how they sound. If you can understand it whats the issue?
  12. Chav speak is yet another example of the degredation of society and the values that people on this site hold dearly, so leave it on Bebo and Facebook where it belongs please. As to your question I wouldn't bother taking anything other than a suit and some trakie bottoms and t-shirts just for something else to wear while you're ironing your kit/bed ready for it to be thrown accross the room in the morning :twisted: . It's worth getting a pair of issue boots and breaking them in before you go, will save you a load of pain early on and give you a handy spare pair if you need them :wink:
  13. ok evilgoblin cheers..i'll try to cut the ''chav talk'' out but its a bit of a habit..thanks for the advice though..where can i get issue boots?
  14. All sorts of places will stock them, a quick google search will probably turn up somewhere in your area. Don't be tempted by any gucci SAS gore-tex makes you a cup of tea ones as you won't be able to wear them. Try the good kit suppliers thread in the QM's for suppliers.

    Clicky Linky

    FYI the issue boots look like this:

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  15. ok thanks and you recommend taking them with me?