CivDiv HR Question working when medically downgraded ?

Not a Human Remains expert. I am off work with a severe knee injury (ligament) & on crutches. Am fit to work from home from the study on my laptop. I am in the very fortunate position that my firm lets you have up to 6 months on full pay on the sick.

I will probably need surgery.

Am more than happy to work from home and have all the usual IT facilites & can do teleconferences etc.

I can drive just don't want to be doing lots of distance on crutches. I have been out a few times on crutches to see some of my big corporate customers. It's no real drama's.

My mate is also my GP and I got a new Biff Chit on headed paper stating that I am fit to work from home and must rest my knee when I feel appropriate but fit for light driving duties (I dictated it).

I know my body best.

Have been advised by HR that they do not think that I should be on company premises or out with corporate customers if I am on crutches.

My argument is that I know my body & what I can /can't do. I want to work and contribute. I am embarrassed to be off getting paid 100% salary when I could be doing diddly squat.

Surely is this not a form of discrimination against a temporary disablement ? Or are HR covering themselves incase I fell either at work or at a customers premises. Trust me I am not an ambulance chaser & in no way have any thoughts in that direction.

I am fit to drive. I am now a wee bit worried incase HR come back & say I can't drive a company car as my gammy knee would invalidate the insurance.

Anybody got any similar experiences or opinions. Can feel a bit of a battle coming on with HR. Any sensisble advice would be grateful. Thanks in advance.

have your own insurance company said you're fit to drive 58? Even if you FEEL fit enough, i think they have to ok it before you're covered again, and they may want a doctor's letter before they will do it.
My insurance company is also my employer. I am on a fleet policy as it's a company car. Jeepers now you have me worried LOL

It's my left knee so only used for the clutch but no pain once I am in a car and driving. It's all heel & ankle movement.

I just get tourettes getting in & out of cars !
No expert,only going on what happened to my mate after her Caesarian, she NEEDED to drive to get her kids to school. The insurance company insisted she had to see the doctor, and he had to watch her slam both feet into the floor as hard as she could, in a sitting position, as if doing an emergency stop! Once she'd proved she could do that, they insured her to drive!:D

Not sure how knees would stand up to that kind of treatment though!
Your employer's employment insurance probably wouldn't cover them if you did yourself a nasty ... Hence they don't mind you teleworking but don't want you on site (whether theirs or a customers).

Your car insurance - even company - should be fine - as your doctor's chit says you are fit to drive.
Cheers BB67. I may pop over tommorow morning get a new biff chit with "fit to drive a car - I have had him demonstrate full use of braking in an emergency to me and he is fit etc"

Looks like another bottle of Chard for the quack. The poor man is going to be alcoholic at this rate.

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