Civ tel no for QDG Gd Rm in Germany

Anyone help?

Need a telephone no for the QDG Duty Personnel in Germany.

Request is originally from a Mum of a Tpr who is in a "bit of a spot" and doesn't know the number himself - hard to believe perhaps but I know the guy concerned and can well believe that he won't know the number!

Appreciate numbers for

a. UK to Germany
b. Somewhere in Germany to Duty Bods
Try posting on Gunner forum as QDG have just moved into Dempsey(?) Barracks in Senelager (used to be home to 12 Reg RA). Or else ring the Whitehall operator which you can get from any directory enquiries service.
Go to
Someone on there will know.
I was told on Dec.6th. that they were all going on leave on Friday 7th! so don't think anyone there.
PM me and I'll give you Home HQ number in Cardiff.
Or try ringing the military operator. Ah. M-C you beat me to it, I didn't read your post properly.
For over 30 years the idiots who man the telephone exchanges have routinely been refusing to give out telephone numbers for *security reasons*. Jeez...................

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