Civ Servant/PARA Walt?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by mediumwhiteamericano, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. OK, I am not a walt hunter and, as some will recall, I got seriously stung by a walt a few months ago....However.....

    I went to a G1 presentation yesterday in Aldershot which was hosted by a PARA Major, quite an old boy wearing full 95 along with his wings and Pegasus Stable belt. His jokes were crap but he was old; he was giving the normal amount of abuse to the civies in the audience with the odd crap hat joke here and there.

    After the presentation I was talking to one of the younger officers and it turns out the PARA Major was in fact retired and a C2(MSF) Civil Servant who wore his uniform whenever he got the chance but mostly during presentations to soldiers and officers.

    Maye not a Walt but certainly a bit of a knob. The most interesting fact was that, on his handouts, there was no mention of him being a civil servant but rather his rank name and his Regt. I do wonder if he was ever a Major or if he has taken on the status of a Major as, apparently a C2 Civil Servant carries an equivalent status.

    All a bit sad really.

  2. Thanks for sharing........ :roll:
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  3. How very interesting.
  4. And................?
  5. Sounds like a bit of a knob. But I am guessing that he did, at least, earn the wings while serving. But, if retired, and now a civvy, and not FTRS or similar, why was he in uniform? He IS a Walt of sorts, but such a low grade one I can scarcely feel anything but a mild sense of pity for the pathetic old duffer.
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  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Where I work we have a Lt Col (Retd) who is FTRS. He refuses to wear uniform as his FTRS rank is Major.

    Some people can't let go.

    Oh and he is an obnoxious cunt to boot.
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  7. They've changed the design of the packaging on Embassy cigs recently.

  8. Ex-TA? I'd think a retired regular would be happy to bin the Queen's green suit.
    If you want to know what he was in, get some old copies of the Army List.
  9. Who are you more likely to relate to, and therefore get more out of? Some stuffed up civil servant or someone who has the experiences as you do?

    If he's a retired Maj, he's entitled to retain his rank, and frankly, I couldn't give a stuff.
  10. This is outrageous. I've told me mum and written 'civil servants are gay' on the toilet wall.
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  11. Thats a given
  12. You've never known some of the utter cunts with a massive Lt Col and a very, very small (retd) on their office name plates or desk signs then?

    Some of the retired officers still hanging round the military that I've seen would happily come to work in full Number Ones every day if they could. Never underestimate the sheer inability to let go of power/status that some people have.
  13. About 12 years ago I was promoted into a new appointment that required me to carry out audits on a particularly sensitve area of another Service. This, I felt, would go down like a cup of cold sick with them, so I instructed my team to wear civilian clothes (ie suits) and not make too much of our particular Service.

    Predictably, we received a pretty luke-warm reception from the Navy who resented our intrusion, assuming that we were a bunch of civil servants (there were, however, several CS in the team). Accordingly, after a month or two, we changed back into uniforms and received a much more cooperative reception from our fellow SP.

    As in the OP, I suspect the Maj (ret) was wearing uniform to demonstrate his credentials and engage with a largely military audience. He was possibly mis-representing himself, but he was not doing it for personal gain nor trying to 'big' himself up. He was trying to get done is the msot effective manner he thought how.

    I remember, as an aside, a teacher at my Intermediate School (=middle school) wearing his medals for an ANZAC parade almost 40 years ago. In those days most of our dads had wartime experience and medals, but 'didn't like to talk about it'. We immediately had enormous respect for the guy (a former Sunderland and Catalina pilot, as we found out) and worshipped the ground he walked upon. He was also a damned good teacher.
  14. When I am out I will be keeping some items of uniform - for gardening/hunting/fishing etc. Rank will NOT be worn either literally or figuratively. There is something very sad about people who cannot move on.
  15. Dear Thick Sliced Seppo C*nt,

    Bugger off you pratt!

    The bloke holds an honourary commission and enjoys reliving his youth as he is stuck in a boring job. Is he hurting anyone by telling crap jokes an wearing uniform?

    You on the other vhand sound like a prig who has acheived the square root of f*ck all but knocks the acheivements of others.

    kindly f*ck off and come back and comment when you hold an honourary major's commission you arrogant toss pot.

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