Civ in Green - opinions

Civilian in Green - village idiot in a village full of idiots? (somewhere in Wiltshire probably)

  • Yes, he is a veritable Rocket Scientist.

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  • No, terrific bloke who deserves to get the Sword of Honour at RMAS.

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That knacker Civilian in Green and whatever Walt-type alter egos he has is a complete arrsehole with upper class pretensions. Even the most inbred of our horse wallopers are nowhere near as pompous or as full of sh*t as he/she/it is.

His/hers/it's IP address/addresses should be permanently blocked from just out of pure malice, to ensure he doesn't bother anybody anymore.

there are at least 3 of them :lol: ...all are harmless, but a pain in the arrse :lol:

p.s. can we get back to the quality stuff instead of all these bone threads that are appearing?
If the boring inarticulate Troll otherwise known as Civilian-in-Green is half the man/he-she that he/she/it claims to be "it" will turn up on the 4th Dec at the ARRSE xmas do so we can "discuss" matters with him :twisted:

I have no doubt he/she/it is as common as muck :p
Okay own up who voted that he was a terrific bloke then?

He/she/it is a cnut of the highest order.
Highest order??

Sh*t that would give the fcuker more to be pretentious about!

If you're gonna talk about Order (as in biological stuff) should he/she/it be something like Amoeba or Protozoa?

Mebbes some of our more edumacated folks can help us out here?

Spermatozoa perhaps? Is a w@nker after all :wink:
i have known about him and to be honest i am not that bothered about him.
I have better things to do and i do have a life outside :lol:

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