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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Sleeping_Badger, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Getting out in September as an 8 year class 1 Installation Tech. As per normal I have worked on various kit but don't have the civvy quals. Any ideas for what I should be looking at for resettlement courses and what sort of jobs are out there? Thinking of moving into a network engineer job in London.

  2. look at 25k to survive no less dude!!!
  3. Badger - if you have DV you're laughing. If not, the resettlement CTW will be useful for you.
    Good luck
  4. In the last 12 months I have completed 2 seperate DVs and an SC for new projects all whilst working for the same company.

    Companies like GC & siemens will not accept DV/SC from other jobs/projects and insist on new ones.
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    See if you can get an attachment to a civi company, learn their kit, will make you more employable. CTW is pants, did nothing for me but if your a mong (!) then has some usefull ideas. 25K min, London look for more unless you can live on the cheap.
  6. I was thinking of sleeping under Waterloo Bridge on a bit of cardboard. Any tips?
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    Yeah, get up early for the free soup or it'll all be gone.
  8. RTMF: In the last 12 months I have completed 2 seperate DVs and an SC for new projects all whilst working for the same company.

    Companies like GC & siemens will not accept DV/SC from other jobs/projects and insist on new ones.

    If your DV is current when you discharge, I see no reason why a company cannot accept the DV. Strange that GC & Siemens won't accept the DV as its DVA that grant the DV??? Its not as if companies do their own vetting to grant DV.

    Or am I missing something?
  9. You're correct DVA grant SC and DV not the firm and any List X Company should be able to apply for proof of somebody's DV from York.
  10. As I understand it, DV is DV - end of. There will be security compartments that individuals may be required to sign into; these sometimes require additional background research. If compartmental sign is indeed required - it is usual that DV is the minimum requirement.

    If you are talking about the level of classified information that can be accessed, DV usually allows up to TS and SC up to S(ecret). On top of all that is the compartmental issue.

    This is not really getting badger his job but it'll do him no harm to understand a little more about the vetting/security piece.

  11. All good cheers!!
    When I spoke to York I was told that most jobs will take my DV, but some may have other in-house checks.
    And with the system knowledge I'm looking at doing MCSA (SQL or Security), CCNA and Security+. I already have a bit of Cisco knowledge so I thought this would be the route to take. Microsoft bit will fill in some of the gaps and both seem to be industry wide.
    Does this sound the way to go??
  12. i was just required to do another vetting despite being dv
    there are boxes to tick to say you have been cleared before
    guess they use that to speed up your application?
    they must just be checking that you have not had any change in circumstances since you were last checked out??

    as for resetlement courses, if you can get it the 6week data comms course at Plymouth College is worth a punt for getting some quals

    if you want a network engineer job then may i suggest you look at Thales at Waterloo?
    there are ex telemechs working there as network engineers on good money if you are prepared to work 12 hour shifts

    hope this helps?

    pm me for more details
  13. Badger,

    If you dont mind spending alot of time outside the UK then I would strongly reccomend the Commercial Communications Course run by PhoenixCP Ltd.
    See for full details.
    It is designed to give ex-Sigs the knowledge to carry out duties for PSC's and NGO's using commercial systems.
    It can be fully paid by your resetlement and is fully residential.
    The course is an excellent door opener as it provides you with great networking links to the major PSC's currently operating around the world.
    Since attending this course i have been employed twice, in the Middle East as a watchkeeper, for £49k and $145k, and they are tax free too.

    Good luck for the future, the jump to Civ-Div isnt as scary as some would have you believe!!
  14. If you want to work in networking do your CCNA - essential.

    If you can get on any IP voice training you'll be quids in.

    Forget about any security exams at the moment. Network security is so specialised you'll find it hard to get work with no other civ experience.

    Forget about earning a mint as soon as you leave. It will come, but in time!!

    Any security clearence is pretty irrelevant - unless you want to work with the government, then you deffo WILL NOT earn a mint !! I worked in JSSU units with a EPV and have now been out for 19 years. I never had to use it. Most companies pay to have external agencies do clearence on you anyway.