City; Swampies - Where are they then?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bumper, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Obviously still in bed is the answer which comes as a bit of a let down to all those commuters who have strode manfully into work having put a suit on for the first time since the last protest.

    Well, it's a blue sky sunshine morning in the City and it's all quiet. In fact, there's more chance of the average City worker tripping over television news cables on the pavement or suffering a grevious paper cut or stapler injury than being manhandled by non existent mobs. Still, they're out there somewhere and they're coming...............! Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the 300 German anarchists who have reportedly made the trip or indeed the return of the Wombles, (those unwashed maggots who think it's scary when they dress up as childrens TV characters........ muppets).

    Just as an aside, what exactly do these people want to happen? Have they explained exactly how they have suffered? Have any of them lost a job or 50 per cent their accumulated net wealth? Last time I looked the market for marxist polytechnic lecturers was still pretty robust and there's no threat to the too fat to work benefits gravy train.

    So, if you're in the City please feel free to do the eye witness thing here; as and when events unfold. Frankly, I'm looking forward to surveying events from my usual watering hole with a chilled glass of Chablis.
  2. Keep us posted from the front line!
  3. Of course. If you see a knackered middle aged bloke with bad knees trying to hard target up Bishopsgate on the news without spilling his Chablis, that'll be me.
  4. Bah! thats boring, I was hoping for plenty of footage of assorted crusties taking savage beatings from the Old Bill, as they 'undermine and destroy' the structure of capitalist society by kicking the windows of Starbucks in and putting grass on Winston Churchill's head...I actually went to Reclaim the Streets back in 1998, I didn't care what it was in aid of (I vote Conservative) , but there were a fcukload of fit chicks and a big rave in a street in 7 Sisters, it was peaceful except when some pr1cks tried to kick off with the Old bill near King's cross, one baton charge and they bottled it, the modern crusty must have more bottle, if less brains...
  5. Just listening to the News on Radio 4, the Met are whining on about how they are short of Officers (30,000) and how difficult the next two days will be for them.

    I suggest you find your nearest policeman and watch him go into meltdown.
  6. Dress code for the City today

  7. Bad drills surely - I mean - Chablis at Breakfast!

    What is wrong with a proper drink - Guiness perhaps 8) Much more energy giving when you have to abuse the great unwashed and perhaps administer a fly kick in the nads to some barsteward who needs it.
  8. Surely it should be Bucks Fizz to kick off the morning
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Maybe the crusties have gotten us all on a rather elaborate April fool and there will be no riots.
  10. Watching Sky News and wondering how long it'll be before they start running clips of the Poll tax riots under the strap line 'This is what it could look like in any moment now'.

    All our secretaries are working from home.... does anyone know the code for a Cappuccino on the Evolution vending machines... this could get nasty. :drool:
  11. all quiet at london bridge at the min! can hear woka woka's overhead but feel rather let down so far!
  12. Sod Me Bumper not like the old days loitering at street corners TOS on at the scary angle and an SLR to waste the little swine, we country folk wil adjurn to our SKY boxes and sip our Ovaltine while watching you spreadeagled against a wall with your Chablis held high on primetime TV.
  13. however have jsut been told the sandwhich lady will not be coming round at 11,00!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is going a step too far! how can i make it till lunch time now ?????

    fecking hippys
  14. The Jade Dream's working in Plumtree Court today. If she comes back with so much as a hair out of place, there will be blood.

    And I'll enjoy watching her draw it...
  15. WHAT? They've stood Gladys and the tea trolley down?? Good God, she was here when Jerry last came over and her tea and rock cakes saw us through then. If she's gone we are in a bit of a corner. I bet Mr Ripethorn in interest rates is in a bit of a state; Gladys always keeps a special fairy cake back for him and he's never known how to work the vending machine.