City soldiers on 100k a year

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BoringUsername1, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. Revealed: 'City soldiers' on £100,000 - Telegraph
  2. What a pile of crap, do they expect surgeons to work for free?
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  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. ooops, apologies.
  5. Just another journalist trying to cause a stir. What does he expect that they should do? A total non-story, but it will no doubt have somebody choking on their tea somewhere in Surrey. What do they hope to achieve by printing this? If HMG don't wish to pay for top flight surgeons, stop agreeing to commit the Forces to support some other fuckers foreign policy.
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  6. Inevitable story really. My view is that in the case of specialists both medical and some others, the costs are justified. But for non-specialists we should severely limit the top up pay and if we lose some reservists who we cannot afford to mobilise then so be it. The reserves are supposed to be a cheap option. If we could afford an expensive/better option we would just have lots of regulars.
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  7. It's divide and conquer.

    STABs are somewhere on a sliding scale behind welfare srcoungers.
  8. Its safe to say surgeons don't fall into the same grouping as city banker playing Pvt or Cpl, maybe driving an ambulance or supplying any other mundane but essential service
  9. This just in; HRH Princess Diana in car crash.

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  10. what if a private on 150K would seem like waste of money. Would make more sense if they paid them on the value to the armed forces so that a surgen would get paid what worth for forces. If he was a private van drivers then get paid that wage if was a surgent when on tour get paid that wage.

    It would seem common sense to pay people what worth normally irrespective of what paid normally whether that be lower or higher
  11. Is that a word salad?
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  12. Good idea!

    I take it you'll be happy to be paid in stale biscuits and a Swingball set.
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  13. General lack of missing the point that these cases are all "voluntary compulsory" mobilisation. Nobody has to go if they don't want to and the Army doesn't have to take these people if it doesn't want to. Don't have the figures to hand but I suspect that the capitation rate for a senior Regular major on ops - including Op bonus, typical rates of LSSA etc - is going to be nudging towards 100k.

    Somebody in the Telegraph (for which = some v. senior Army officers (one of whom may or may not be balding) with close links to the paper) really has got it in for the TA, haven't they. I wonder why ?
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  14. The normal way of things would be to pay someone what there worth. By paying privates at high city rates it may be adding no value better spend the money on things that bring value equpiment doctors body armour whatever.

    Even if going to overpay people better to do it through open compitition. For example adversise a squadie role for 100k for 6 months and take the best person that appears. Rather than pay city type a high salery to do something they are not worth a high salery for.

    It seems common sense really, may be better to employee the city person to do the percurement for the MOD.

    Not sure what a word salad is but problery some insult from some grunt i guess.
  15. Cheers mate, not a bad job. If you could just wipe the excess slobber from the sill and get your face a bit closer, you'll be able to get into the corners of the windows too.
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