City Salute with Prince William & Harry

Just saw this on the planner!Looks like Auntie are trying to increase the awareness of what our lads do.
Also dont miss the programme on BBC1 this Sunday at 1525Hrs,A heroes Welcome.

BBC2 2000Hrs 07/05/08

"London plays host to the Navy,Army & Air Force for a unique event to raise awareness of the sacrifices made thruought the world by British Servicemen & Women"

Hope Joe public sit up & take note!Mind you,it's on at the same time as some sh1t called 'The British Soap Awards" on ITV.

(mdn,sorry to post this here instead of the correct thread,but the Naafi gets more 'traffic'.)
Now it is a safe bet that both Wills and Harry will look at one arrser in particular and think ding dong ............ however am sure her pooch will fend off the 2 gents and keep her honour intact.
Starts in 5 mins on BBC2.
3 x Typhoon just flew over my flat in a rather nice vic formation. Looked awfully sexy. Now I don't know much about aeroplanes but I subscribe to the 'if it looks right, it probably is right' school of thought.

And they looked right!

Just a pity there weren't more of them!
im watching it now, with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.
I salute you !
Who are the pikemen? Trying to watch it but my signal is gash and jumpy.
slopey_shoulders said:
im watching it now, with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.
I salute you !
Me too! Must dust tommorrow..
The Bootie is one lucky & brave barsteward! Lucky for having such a loving fiance & brave to endure what he has & if the RM discharge him,then it's their loss.
Well done to all our lads & lassies,and thanks.
spike7451 said:
Nice to see Harry & Wills in the trenches with the troops & not stuck on some podium.
Absolutely! Another thing, they even look comfortable amongst the plebs.

EDIT to add: It is also great to see a good ethnic mix in the crowd and carrying union flags. I really want the Union flag to be back as fashionable rather than a BNP/NF symbol.

Another EDIT: Not seen Harry yet (and just to prove me wrong they panned out a tad).
That was a good piece by Kemp,ESPECIALLY the last bit about people knowing more about their local poofball team than their own local regiment.

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