City sack Hughes

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by box-of-frogs, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. I'm no City fan, but FFS, give the bloke a chance!!!!!

    Beeb linky

  2. Thrown out before it gets bad!!! If only we had done that with a certain PM
  3. Utd could have sacked Ferguson after a worse start than this - look at them now. City are still in contention for a Champions League spot. Frankly, I reckon Mancini will do no better in the next 18 months.
  4. Agreed B-o-F, I`m no Mark Hughes or City fan, but FFS! They`ve only lost two games so far this season. This `immediate sucess` mentality from overseas investors is crucifying the game. It just doesn`t work that way.
  5. Short memories, do Citeh.

    Remember them sacking Peter Reid after finishing 3rd in the league?

    Five years later they were playing Macclesfield.

    Insane decision. I think that everyone would want them to fall flat on their arses even more now.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see MH going to United as assistant !
  6. Absolutely pathetic decision, well I suppose Sparky will get a multi million pound payout now and I think you could be right about going back to United.
  7. Quality manager, needed a bit of time to get the team to gel.