City of London Yeomanry(Rough Riders)

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 14gaugewire, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. My late father served in the Rough Riders in WW2 and i am trying to find out some of the history of this unit in the war years,I know they saw action in North Africa and Italy and finished the war in Austria but other than that i know nothing about them and my Dad was always somewhat reluctant to talk about his war service.If anyone can shed some light on them I would be most grateful.
  2. Rough Riders was almalgamated into this TA unit

    Give them a call & they will show you round their museum near Holborn Station.

    68 (IC&CY) Signal Squadron
    10 Stone Building
    Lincoln's Inn
    WC2A 3TG

    Tel: 0207 405 8112
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  3. Their war memorial is in the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield, in the corner by the North door. I believe there is a wreath laying ceremony for them.

    Hope this is of some help.
  4. Yeah I knew about the memorial,Before he died i got my dad some photo"s of it and he was telling me about some of the guys he knew on it,it was this that made me want to find out more.
  5. Hi my father was a rough rider too if you want to know anything let me know and I'll ask him
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    Not one of these then.
  7. My Dad's cousin was a one as well, died in the glider on the way to Arnhem. I'm after a shoulder badge if anyone has one. His name was gunner Brown.
  8. My late father was also in the AA vehicle. Another Gunner Brown, from Musselburgh Scotland. Territorial Army at war, Scotsman in the City of London Yeomanry? He drove one of these. LorryMountedBofors.jpg I do have a shoulder patch he kept with his medals. This have extreme sentimental value of course but I could scan it if you have never seen one?
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    lots of rough riders badges and stuff on ebay . search city of london
  10. 11 (CLY) LAA Regt RA is shown on the 3 September Orbat as being based in Bunhill row (Armoury House city Road)
    and with 31,32,3 and 43 Batteries

    By Jan 1943 the 43 LAA Bty seems to be part of 61st LAA Regiment guarding cairo and Suez. (Source Routledge AAA 1944-55)

    By Jan 1943 11 (CLY) LAA Regiment is in Northafrica as the Corps LAA Regiment in V Corps of 1st Army, in Tunisia.
    In mid march two batteries are listed as V Corps Troops while one battery is ndetached to 22 AA Bde defending Souk-el-Khemis Airfield.

    The Regiment serves in Italy and at some point is transferred to 2 AA Brigade, because in September 1944 11 LAA is retrained as infantry and the AA Brigade was responsible for protecting landing grounds in the Arezzo Florence Lucca area. in may 1945 2 AA Brigade including 11 CLY Regt was reorganised as a motor Transport group, based on Faenza and Forli

    Post on the Ww2 talk forum. There are people there who will give you chapter and verse and live in Kew.
    Royal Artillery - WW2 Talk
  11. My father served with the Roughriders in Belgium,Holland and Germany. he never talked about it much, he passed away in 2006 .However he did say that he was fighting alongside the Canadians and that they did not like the damp weather in Kent and could not wait to get over to the other side. There was no change in the weather there either ! Father said he remembered the clanking of the bicycle wheels on the cobbled roads in Groningen and Nijmegen, and that in Belgium loads of blokes had bad dysentry. He also said that they had to build bridges to cross the Rhine, and that the German people were chopping down trees and burning them to keep warm. I have often wondered what other things he could have told me, but I didn't want to press him.