City & Guilds Accreditation of Military Experience

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by CaptainPlume, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. I’ve recently been shown this:

    City & Guilds Accreditation for the Military

    Hope this is of use. Retired personnel can apply up to two years after discharge…
  2. There was a discussion on here last week where it was concluded that the 'award' was as much use as tits on a bull and a complete waste of money - £98 for a certificate that, in reality says nothing
  3. :oops: Oops-had a quick look on the site & missed the discussion.

    I've been asking round some friends in headhunting/recruitment & will post their thoughts...
  4. However, it does look good on your CV. I have the MCGI, beats the shite out of putting your CLM pass on your CV and attempting to explain at interview what it is.
    On my latest job interview they knew exactly what the MCGI was, a lot of companies want to see certificated proof of the management skills that you will have gained during your time in the military, add your experiences on top of that and you are way ahead of those without either.

    Your call though, all it takes is a copy of your CV and a cheque, it may not help your quest for employment when you leave the forces, however, it might!
  5. I'm thinking of applying for this.......... but it seems like you're getting something for nothing (ie..... no dissertation to submit etc), so it makes me a tad wary............... What if, at a job interview, they mention your C+G in management, and ask ''what did you have to do to get it''......... would the reply be ''sent a cheque and got the certificate''?
  6. What did you have to do to get it? Refer to CV, this should reflect your management skills and experience, if it doesnt then more fool you, enjoy rejection.
  7. fair point............ but I'm TA. I've checked and we can still apply for this accreditation, but I think it would look better backed up with a Reg cv, as opposed to a half civvi, half TA one........... especially if listing achievements........ ''I did exceptionally well on annual camp'' don't quite cut the mustard.

    Cheers for the reply though!
  8. I am a Warrant Officer Class 1 NRPS (75) and was a Master Driver, I had to show my CV, a 10,000 word dissertation for an Advanced Diploma in Logistics, had to be in post as an MD for 2yrs and attend an interview in London to get a LCGI, if you can get one higher MCGI without jumping through the hoops I did crack on buddy and sieze the moment, as replied to you before, it might not help but it might.... my feelings on that are it will help in competition against an equally qualified candidate who has No management qual, it ticks the box and costs a civvy 12x more than a squaddie Reg or TA.

  9. oops soz it is a LCGI lol even lower lol
  10. Looks like something dreamt up by a Labour 'focus goup', and ratified by a 'think tank'.
    A complete bunch of toss.
    I had one of those once. It was called a Red Book. Cost me fcuk all