City Club Paderborn

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Tankiebootneckdad, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, pretty new to the site. Does anybody rercall going to the City Club in Paderborn, in the early/mid seventies. Also did anyone come across, (not physically), Wilma the barmaid who, apparently, did some porn movies?
  2. When 3RTR got to Paders in 79 - oh yes.....Wilma was still there.......oh yes.....she was fecking mad and...............oh yes........................she did tricks 'for the lads' and.......................oh yes, she'd done porn films......and half the garrison!!!!!!! 8O :? :roll:She was as mad as a bucket full of frogs!!!!
  3. Was she the one with the huge knockers, that I may or may not have got my hands on when I was in Sennelager (argueably the worst lager in the world) early 76 on a SASC course?
  4. City Club is still there & still going strong. there was also a 'Barmaid' called 'Pepsi'. As for Wilma, is that the same one that knocked around in 'Love Story' out in Schloss Neuhause' & give tommy tanks to the lads under the table :? Good old days :D
  5. I don't recall "City Club". I must've missed it.....although I'm not sure how?
  6. Funnily enough when you google Paderborn you get "venerable university and cathedral city of Paderborn" not "whore-infested, drunken fighting, binge venue Paderborn"...odd really.
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  7. Your go-ogle mojo is weak, young Padawan. :D

    Start Point...
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Aaaah the City Club. The only club in town with bouncers on the door to throw the drunkards in.

    Many's the Grab a Granny Night I spent in there.

    IIRC Hackett wrote The Third World War in 1978. I well remember him describing how the Commies could not break into Paderborn and a bulge developed. A mukker put this down to the presence of all those biological agents in the City Club.

    Halcyon days.
  9. Just behind the 'Bolton Club/Bar/Bistro' on the ring road next to the x-roads where you turn left for the train station. Very close to C&A :D
  10. City Club - dangerous territory for those of a nervous disposition.. What of the Monokole (was that how it was spelt?) and Movie Star?
  11. I can remember when on duty in the MRS at Sennelager being called out to attend incidents at the CC. arrived with ambulance, parked up next to the German Krankenwagen, picking the bods up and placing them non to careful into my Amb.

  12. In 1994 I was lucky enough to be an inmate at BMH Rinteln. In the same ward as myself was a young bollshy Para who claimed he was in because he was beaten up by a group in the City Club. Learned from one of the nurses that he had actually been stood on the landing at the top of the stairs and some drunk bird had slammed the big metal entrance door onto him knocking him over the bannister to the floor below. His chute failed to open??????????
  13. aah, many the time upon trying to get to the exit upon the top of the stairs being "snatched" into the Brunehilda's ablutions (which was adjacent to the entrance)to check upon one's suitabilty for procreation amongst a gaggle of damen :wink:
  14. Good God man who are you :? Of course dear Janet worked in the Barker NAAFI with another lass, who was also quite popular :roll: Was the gal in the City Club called 'Pepsi' :? Also there was the daughter of the schnell imbiss wagon that came into camp each night. And the bar you forgot to mention was the 'London Pub' And dare I mention it my first wife worked part time in the George in the upsatairs bar :roll:
  15. Paderborn,AKA Sin City in sixties,sounds like it stayed that way.