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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by paulyb102, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. This subject has always baffled me, why does the government, not drop the old classification systen of granting a place 'city' status purely because it has a Cathedral, to most people, a city is place with a large amount of inhabitants, Ely (Cambs) for example is classed as a city, however it only has approx 14,000 inhabitants, Milton Keynes is known as a Town and has 185,000 inhabitants and Northampton is also known as a town with 195,000, bout time things were reviewed maybe? i mean these rules were first brought in over 500 years ago!

    Paul :twisted:
  2. Why??

    I'll bet youre a bundle of laughs on the piss.

    PS Do you work for Neu Liarbour?
  3. Pauly....are you bored mate ? plenty of porn sites to surf.
  4. Aye laddie i am!!

    However i 'm not pissed all the time, cant afford it for a start, so as this is the int cell, i thought i,d start some thought provoking conversation,

  5. Go on then. What subject are you going to start?
  6. Intelligence Cell? This? It's meant as a joke, mate.
  7. I think you should write to your MP and ask him to lobby for the building of cathedrals in Milton Keynes and Northhampton.

    Perhaps you could buy some PE on the black market and demolish the cathedral in Ely while you're at it.
  8. Have you ever been to Ely Lord Flash heart, not exactly a city is it?? only things you see there are the tumbleweeds, like you see in the westerns, anyway its got 2 posts out of you, so its not totally useless ay, maybe a 3rd comin?? lol
  9. Don't hold your breath.
  10. Don't worry, I can spare the posts.

    I have been to Ely. The city is very attractive retaining many historic buildings. There is a market on Thursday and Saturday each week. Ely is on the River Great Ouse and was a significant port until the 18th century. The River is a popular boating area with a large marina. The University of Cambridge rowing team have a boathouse on the bank of the river and train here for the annual Boat Race against Oxford University. The 1944 Boat Race was raced on the River Great Ouse near Ely, the only time it has not been held on the River Thames. Ely railway station, situated on the Fen Line, is a major train hub with direct trains to Cambridge, London King's Cross, London Liverpool Street, Stansted Airport, King's Lynn, Ipswich, March, Peterborough, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Thetford and Norwich.

    Ely is the nearest cathedral city to Cambridge. Cambridge does not have its own cathedral and is within the Diocese of Ely. The diocese covers 1507 square miles and holds 610,000 people (1995) and 341 churches; it includes the county of Cambridgeshire (except for three parishes in the south which are in the diocese of Chelmsford) the western part of Norfolk, a few parishes in Peterborough and Essex and one in Bedfordshire. Hope this helps.
  11. Or Dismantle Ely Cathedral Brick by Brick and rebuild it in MK or Northampton, or move MK to Ely, they,re used to that as they have rehoused the MK Dons! lol
  12. Milton Keynes, it's chav inhabitants and anyone who says anything good about the place should be bulldozed into the sea.
  13. Paulyb102 has a point. I do have a similar question: Why do they call it doggy style when there are no dogs involved? And missionary? I would understand if a priest was involved. Which is a pretty rare occurence I am sure. Last time I saw a priest in my bedroom was years ago in my days as an altar boy. Then he got fired and my dad sued but that is another story for a another time.

    Paulyb102, you are a man of deep thought and convictions.
  14. Its probably the reason people become missionaries in the hope they get more sex, and the dogs well they get sex anytime they want it, no questions asked!

    This will probably git arseholed now, as it is quickly degenerating!

  15. id rather chew my own legs off than discuss this anyfurther