They are good. the primary reason being Tony Bliar has turned Civ Div into a wonderful world of graduatedom where even a degree in papier mache has more value than 18 years in management.

They allow a certain ammount of credit for previous mil courses, and you have to do a little work extra to make up the criteria for the qual.

The OU to name just one has opened up its credit scheme to include qualifications such as these. Therefore should you use your mil courses to gain quals such as CGLI or ILM you are well on the way to having a degree if you so wish.
T.F.r. isnt quite correct
There is no extra work needed to gain this award if you are in the correct category - just a nice cheque!

The awards tell a civvie boss the level of management you are at.
A Sgt can become a LCGI, a Staffie with 2 yrs can become a Graduate (GCGI) and wo1 gets to be a Fellow
There is a Din on the subject but ask at your AEC. IERO?

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