City and Guilds in Leadership and Management

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by bangalore, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Just to remind people another one that not many know about or have forgotten.

    Sgt (or equivalent) - Licentiateship (LCGI) £58

    SSgt/WO2 - Graduateship - £88

    WO1 - Membership - £98

    All you have to do is send in your CV along with a cheque for the above amount to the accreditiaion place at DETS(A) and a few weeks later you get a nice little certificate in the post

    For more info clicky
  2. And what exactly does it mean, this certificate you can buy for £98?
  3. That'll your wallet will be £98 lighter.
  4. And you'll have a nice certificate to show the dole office.
  5. And it can look very nice in your PDR. I got mine and in all honesty, I think that's the only use for it. There is no way that I'd use those post nominals either.
  6. I cant say mine has opened any doors for me either.
  7. It was a serious question, what does 'Membership of the C&G actually mean? I have seen the ETS touting this for quite a while but looking online and at the info available from ETS it says very little more than the first post here - the different levels and the prices.

    I mean, I give £98, I get some more post nominals - what do the post noms actually mean tho? If someone asks me - "what is membership to the C&G"? what do I say? The new government education award system pretends that certain 'awards' like this are equivalent to Masters but seriously, does anyone believe this? How would one describe this achievement/award to a prospective employer?

    Unless anyone can convince me otherwise, it is a worthless piece of paper. Pyramid selling is illegal as it just suckers people into paying money for nothing. Why is this not illegal too and even more importantly, why is the ETS touting 'awards' that mean nothing?
  8. Who will then ask you if you have any qualifications.
  9. The Graduateship award is at level 6 on the NQF (national quals framework).

    This level 6 is "comparable" to an honours degree.

    Check the City & Guilds website, it explains the accreditation criteria.

    How well this is received by civilian employers is a different kettle of Bob's your mothers girlfriend.
  10. Means Feck all in civvy street.
  11. This is what I thought - as it means nothing in the Army either, why are ETS pushing it so much?
  12. I did the application (plus letter of recommendation thing) in 1999/2000(ish), and became a member (it was the Institute of Supervision & Management back then). I'd been shelling out ever since to keep it, but never used the post nominals and decided not to renew it this year as I don't manage people. Moral...value (if any) depends on the type of career you decide to follow.
  13. [tangent] Like NVQ's then? :D

    Before people start, I am an NVQ Assessor so have a rough idea what I'm on about. The Learning Skills Council chuck an obscene amount of money at Training Providers for NVQs.[/tangent off]
  14. IIP.....Investers In Paper.
  15. And look at the state of some of the providers.