City and Guilds Certificate!!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by buggrit, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. Way back when I passed my knocker B1, we were given a City and Guild certificate to show the things that entailed. Can anyone tell me what the main title of the certifiacte was? I know there was a whole list of stuff on there but did it have a title, as in City and Guilds in blah blah??Some enlightenment would be muchos appreciated.....and before one of you smart arrses say look at the bloody certificate....I lost mine in one of my many moves!
  2. City and Guilds in general construction techniques.
  3. Cheers mate, that helps!!
  4. When I did mine (70's) It stated;

    Certficates gained:

    C.G.L.I No 200 Part I (Basic Engineering Craft Studies Fabrication and Welding Bias) 1972
    C.G.L.I No 216 Parts I/II/III (Sheetmetal & Thin Plate craft Studies) 1973/5
  5. plant_life is right. I did mine at the back end of '98 and it's 'General Construction', with a list of all the topics covered on the course.
  6. I did my B1 at Hameln in '84 and also got the C&G GeneralConstruction
    , mind you a fat load of good it did when I became a member of the mivvy brigade in 1990 , my new employer said he didn't recognise the C&G quals and promptly sent me on the "New Roads and Street Works " course instead. Turned up on the Monday morning for the course and who is sitting behind the desk at the training centre nonother than the Staffy who took me on my B1 ! . Much pulling up of sandbags and lamp swinging was done in the bar after work , so much so that I got a job with his company doing all sorts of training for the construction industry.Talk about falling on your feet !
  7. £30 per replacement certificate i believe.
    done my B1 at the start of the 90's and believe it was General Construction as previously stated.