Citroen C4 spoof advert with a 2CV



GingeG said:
how can i save it to disc?

Thats gleaming
It should be in your temporary internet folder; have a search in there and when you find it, copy it and place it in a new folder so you won’t loose it.


ArmySurplusSpecial said:
will that work with macromedia flash videos too goku??
I doesn’t matter what the file type is, it’s to do with how the videos hosting site is allowing you to view the video.
In this case the video is downloaded to the temporary internet folder, those of you with a slow internet connection will be able to watch it seamlessly the second time round.
All you have to do is find the video file that has been automatically saved to your temporary internet folder, and then copy it to another folder before it is wiped clear.
I’ve copied many videos this way.

This wont work with videos that are streamed, that’s why I said it depends on how your watching the vid.
Empire said:
Just click on the picture of the robot...
No..... really, though even if you right click and save target as it still only saves the web page. How do you extract the video ?
use the original link i posted, watch it then locate it in your temp internet file folder as Goku sugested in his earlier post. it worked for me

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