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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, May 4, 2010.

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  1. Today G Brown PM UK got a standing ovation at the Citizens UK Meeting.
    It followed the following event which I watched on BBC TV.
    From The Guardian

    "Brown was even able to turn a tearful encounter into a positive moment. A 14-year-old girl appeared on stage with her mother and her grandmother, both of whom work in the chancellor's office.

    First her mother spoke, in faltering English, then the young girl told the audience about their life. She said they sometimes had so little that they had to eat lentils for a week, and that her mother left for work every day at 3:30am to take the bus to work rather than the train in order to save money.

    The girl then broke down in tears and the prime minister got up to comfort her."

    He promised a wage increase if Labour is returned to Power.

    Huh !
    Labour has been in power for last 13 years and has created this situation where 'New Immigrants ? " can work in Government Offices for peanuts.
    Now he wants the Glory and Gratitude for sorting out what HE HAS CREATED.

  2. A wage increase, where pray ****ing tell is the money coming from for that after the grand high exalted Cyclops has bankrupted the country? Looking forward to apologising to my grandkids in fifty years time about how my generation****ed the country by not punting Brown and his crew out of office and into oblivion, instead elected a Lab-Lib coalition with Johnson or Miliband as PM bringing in the LibDems fairytale policies to secure their support.
  3. I'm not surprised the one-eyed twat got a standing ovation - look at their website.

    'A coalition of faiths and Trade Unions' - believe in UK being a sanctuary for ne'er-do-wells, making illegals citizens, etc., etc.

    Sound like a bunch of pinko commie liberals (despite claiming to have the support of the Blessed Boris Johnston) who probably think GB is the second coming after that grinning monkey Blair.
  4. Just saw the clip of it on SkyNews, as has been said how can the man have the nerve to stand up and talk about it being anyone elses fault but his as PM and Chancellor for the last 13 years that a 14 year old has grown up in poverty? Shameless bastard. :x
  5. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    This just goes to show what a total arrse Cyclops is.
  6. Perhaps the Guardian should also mention the 30 thousand plus pensioners who freeze to death every winter due to fuel poverty according to Age Concern.

    The one eyed b*stard has just imported even more poverty under the guise of immigration.
  7. My bold. You're talking shit my man. However don't let that get in the way of a good rant will you. I take it the figure you quote is the excess winter deaths?

    This figure is arrived at by subtracting the average deaths over the rest of the year from the amount of deaths between December and March. So at best you can say that 30000 more people than average died during these months, which may - or may not, have been cold related. The overwhelming majority of these deaths were amongst the over 65 population.

    They didn't all "freeze to death". They died during this time. 30000 more people than average died during these months. I'll agree with you that its a terrible number (and these were figures for 08 - 09, I should imagine they will be much worse for the last one), but it does not take into account deaths that are due to pre existing conditions.

    Lets have a little more veritas with that Vino eh? I know that you want us to believe Britain to be a Third World Banana Republic, but we aren't quite there ......yet!

    edited for Bratty Finger Typing.
  8. Just because he figures aren't verifiable or accurate we cannot excuse the fact that here in the UK old people die because they can't afford to heat their homes.
    It is a disgrace that in the 21st century we have people dying of cold in their own homes and it doesn't really matter if its 3000 or 30,000 does it? Its a shameful reflection on this country regardless of what the number is.
  9. Its a case of who you trust.. Age Concern.. a respected charity doing excellent work... or Gordon Brown a sociopath and liar.

    Commenting on the ONS figures published this morning‚ showing the number of excess deaths has increased by half‚ Andrew Harrop‚ Head of Policy at Age Concern and Help the Aged‚ said:

    “It is a national scandal that the UK has more older people dying in winter‚ compared to the rest of the year‚ than countries with more severe weather‚ such as Sweden and Finland. Excess winter deaths of older people have remained stubbornly high in recent years‚ but last winter’s huge spike sounds a deafening wake-up call about the older population’s well-being if we have another cold snap.

    “High winter mortality is an indirect indicator of the difficulties older people face in protecting themselves from the cold in the UK. Last winter‚ as temperatures plunged‚ rising inflation and soaring energy bills forced two in five older people to cut back on their heating to save money. If cash-strapped older people turn down the heating during a colder winter‚ this can easily lead to a rise in the numbers affected by cold-related illnesses‚ which contribute to the thousands of excess winter deaths each year.

    “To end this national scandal‚ the Government must do much more to tackle fuel poverty‚ which currently affects one in three older households. As a first step‚ ministers must use next month’s Pre-Budget Report to restore funding for the Warm Front Scheme which is set to plummet next year.1”
  10. The immigrants are natural supporters of the Labour. More immigrants - wider their electoral base.

    From strategic point of view, taking into account the size of British population of Asian and African origin, the Labour later or sooner will have unshakable position at power.

    Maybe now Great Britain have the last opportunity to have non-Labour government.
  11. That seems to be their plan Sergei.. but if they lose the election, hopefully something will be done about the illegals and such like, certainly the ability of anyone to vote who has arrived in these shores since 1997 should be looked at with gerrymandering in mind.

    Additionally, I think anyone convicted of electoral fraud should be prevented from voting for a term of 10 years or so.

    Personally speaking give it a few more years and this place will probably make the Balkan wars look like a friendly family punch up at a wedding.
  12. Personally I think freshly imported peoples should not get a vote in the UK for atleast 2 terms of Parliament.
    Want a vote when you come to this country, earn it.
  13. Couldn't agree more. The execrable Sci Fi film "Starship Troopers" (itself a deprecating look at systems of Government) may have had a point when it came up with the idea of Citizenship.

    I would have absolutely no problem with state support and education to - lets say - the age of 16. Once you reach that magic marker you have two options.
    1. Defer Citizenship service until you have completed your education - whatever that level may be, on the understanding that your first three years of employment will be in the service of the nation - in your area of specialisation.

    2. Do your Citizenship service.

    This could be two years in the service. It does not have to be the armed forces, I believe the Germans have a non armed service "Service" who essentially appear to be used to set up and collapse the various town festivals (at least that is when I have noticed them).

    The rate of renumeration would be better than the old king cole and we would provide three squares and a roof.

    In return, only when said citizenship has been completed will you get,

    1. An NHS "adult" number.

    2. A permanent NI Number.

    3. Access to the benefit system. Etc Etc Etc

    This could work equally well for New Immigrants to the country, and during their time as a captive audience so to speak, we could give them extra English Lessons and some form of Citizenship course with a pass or fail examination at the end.

    Sorry to ramble on, and I'm sure much bigger brains than mine willl shoot it down, but I really do think it might be a way to reduce the level of Benefit dependancy, reduce the NHS tourism and other such issues.

    Fire Away!
  14. You aren't going to get much of an argument from me on that Shankly
    Would certainly close the door on the something for nothing for all comers society we have created.
  15. "A 14-year-old girl appeared on stage with her mother and her grandmother, both of whom work in the chancellor's office.

    First her mother spoke, in faltering English......."

    And she works in the Chancellor's office. I see.