citizens or subjects?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by growler, Aug 30, 2005.

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  1. Had to fill in my electoral registration form yesterday and it refers throughout to “citizens”. Pedants corner - as we live in a monarchy are we citizens or subjects?
  2. Subjects my good man!! ‘Citizen’ is essentially a nice cuddly buzz word used to make sure no one gets offended by the fact we are all plebs. Constitutionally we are subjects as all power rests with the monarch, anything we have or think we have is entirly notional and can be swept away with a single act of parliament. Although passports etc refer to us being citizens if in doubt of whose in charge just remember it is HM Government, HM official opposition, HM armed forces, even HM Stationary office!
  3. We hold citizenship of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ierland, and thus are Subjects of it's Monarch, HMQE2.
  4. While in pedants corner - Stationary Office?
  5. Well I'd like to see you move it! :wink:
  6. Aren't we Citizens as we elect and subjects by birth?

  7. I'm a subject of Her Majesty the Queen.

    As for Bliar and that lot, they can feck off! :twisted:
  8. According the BBC though we are techincally still 'subjects' because no peice of paper has been issued saying otheriwse, we are in reality it seems citizens. Confusion as ever!

    Are we subjects or citizens?

  9. I and many Paddys have always considered ourselves to be Irish citizens but British subjects. Work that one out.
  10. Because you swore the oath of allegiance to the British monarch when joining the British army. Thus becoming British subjects, as well as Irish citizens?
  11. Yup, Irish Passport holders but in the service of a foreign power requiring an oath of allegience. Similar to Australians, South Africans or those from "foreign" states etc citizens of other countries but British Subjects by virtue of an oath of allegience
  12. I would swear allegience to HM The Queen not to some scumbags like Tony or Bertie, even though Tony gives the real orders
  13. I have a very simple world-view; I am the centre
    There are only two types of people in my universe, Valuable and Expendable. A Valuable person is someone who's life has a direct, beneficial effect on mine.
    Everyone else is Expendable. That includes HM the Queen.
    The beauty of this philosophy is that I am untroubled by those weaknesses you humans call guilt, empathy, remorse etc. Anything I do is right, by virtue of the fact that I did it.
    There is no God but me.
  14. Damn straight!
  15. Wouldn't trust you at my back in a fire fight then......In fact I would probably slot you myself as you are no good to the common cause.