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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trip_Wire, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I suspect that there are no shortage of sites, in GB, just like the one I'm posting here for you to look at. I find the content and the views, on this site disgusting!

    I especially thought the little box on the right hand bottom corner of the page, which contains data in a .pdf file on how to circumvent recruiters, etc., pretty bad.

    I post this website, even though, there are a number, here that seem to agree with what is said on the site. To each his own!

    I think that the site, is enemy propaganda and/or aiding and abetting them at the very least. These people fail to realize we are at war, with an enemy who will give no quarter and spare no 'infidel,' or their Country.
  2. democracy is advanced citizenship, to watch someone burn the flag you serve under and applaud his/her right to do so is what we fight for. Beside websites like this are either bollocks or will give information on current views which are useful (know your enemy). When someone picks up a gun or advocates violence then we apply all means available to stop them.
  3. Sorry Trip_wire I should have read the PDF file prior to posting, I would have to admit this reflects badly against the military as opposed to the detractors. I spent two years at my regimental depot (British) and there are get out clauses in the contract in first phase training. We want volunteers not conscripts, if the tactics used are true AND I do not believe this to be the case in the US Army or other recruiting establishements it is totally wrong. My job was to look after recruits once they had made the desicion to leave and my primary goal would be to leave them with a positive attitude to the Army so that hopefully they would not leave with a bad attitude to us. The end state being that they would say to their friends "It was not for me but they weren't bad when I wanted to leave"
  4. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I understand what you were trying to say, about the flag burning, etc. I share the same view, although I really would dislike seeing it done by an a 'true' American. Although, I did support, the recent attempt to pass a Flag burning bill. Most Americans, have a very different outlook about their flag, then most Brits., as have been stated here before.

    My comments, on this site, had little do with with things like that. Mostly, I was addressing the anti-war crap! You know all that leftist liberal, make love not war crappola! :x

    As for the recruiting thing, Did you expect to read anything truthfull said on this board about the 'establishment?' If so, I may have a bridge or two for sale. :wink:

    I'm not aware of an easy way out,as you describe above; however, it seems like a valid thing to have. Perhaps, we have such a way; however, I don't keep up that sort of thing.

    I hear lots, of horror tales, about recruiters promising a lot and not keeping such promises, but in reality, I think one can address, such things, if the promise was in the written contract. If not your screwed! :roll:
  5. Well quite when you walk into a recruiting office you are there for a reason to JOIN! but as the car salesman would say once they are on the lot they are ours! Which is why people like me were employed to show those who have no apptitude to military life the way out. The reason for such clauses is to keep the best and leave those who have less determination a way out with some form of diginity those who leave the forces can be our best recruiters. Prince Edward did not make it as marine, niether could I! but I made it as an infanteer a tribute to my instructors. seventeen years later I have completed my contract and look forward to a quieter life earlier then the aloted time but life in Northern Ireland is much better, I hope, thank God. I also thank the heavens that in my time I have served with those who TRUELY wanted to be there and to my lasting reget died.
  6. Trip_wire we are going down in the ratings one one else is contributing PM and we will talk.
  7. I love the lefties who organise movements trying to get the US Military to disobey orders. Yep, that's just what they want, a military which ignores its constitutional responsibility to its elected civilian masters.

    Just who do they think will be the first ones up against the wall if the US military does decide to stop obeying the elected government???
  8. I think it was patton who said..

    " is the soldier who salutes the flag, whose coffin is draped with the flag who allows the protestor to burn the flag" (aploligies for errors).

    Yes, these creatures are at odds with our beliefs, but they have every right to do so. As soldiers we have given them these rights. If they are spreading lies about the Army however then the Army needs to hammer them down.

    Whilst an aggresive recruiting campagne is one thing (ie. everything short of pressganging), once in the Army I would guess the US would, like the British, drop them like a hot brick if they genuinely wanted out.
  9. 8O You may think we are embroiled in a war, but we are not.

    I know you are leaning toward broad generalisations, but you might want to think how that comes across to readers.
  10. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    'We?' Who is the we, you are talking about? My Country is at war, with these people,as are many others, to include Great Britian, Canada.

    If 'we' are not "embroiled in a war," just what would you call it? Fun & Games?

    I have only quoted what the enemy, has said about their war on us and what they hope to accomplish. If you are naive enough to think we are not at war with these people, that is your problem. :roll:
  11. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  12. I think that sites like this are probably the work of nostalgic hippies who never quite got over their anti-Vietnam War protests.

    During the Cold War many of these type of groups (at least many of the Danish ones) were actually funded by the Soviets.

    I wonder if any of our enemies are funding this too?
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I suspect that they are! It worked for the Vietnamese! :x
  14. God forbid that the American people should be aware of the law and their rights. It's an all volunteer military. If people have the legal right to withdraw from service, it should be their choice.

    For crying out loud, the first point the pamphlet raises is how to prevent recruiters making unsolicited "telemarketing" calls to teenagers' households.

    How many 16-18 year old kids have have you talked to regarding recruiting these days, Trip? I'm meeting about 400 college freshmen on Monday and I can tell you from previous experience that stories of the hard sell that someone who expresses even the slightest interest gets, beggars belief.

    In other news:
  15. Yes, I enjoyed it greatly- especially this bit:

    Presidential walting- awesome! :lol: (Or does he have Tourettes? Or, for that matter, which would be funnier?)