Cisse Injury

this is a kick in the pants for us..(liverpool)....we would have had an extra what 9mil? to spend...instead we'll have to struggle by on what we have.....

but from what i heard he was only going to leave on loan anyway.... fat chance of us getting compensated by french FA lol
Typical scouse thinking...a player breaks his leg, his career possibly under threat and all the Dippers care about is how much they're out of pocket.


sure the first thing would have been is he going to play again? but he's going to be fine and should be playing again in december, january next year, so the only problem is we lost a striker from our all ready weak strike force and don't have the expected funds to buy a diffrent player, we already lost now we have fowler and crouch.....and no money to bring in any other decent players!
Not really a loss for France he wouldnt have had a look in! poor fcuker though, hes not long recovered from breaking the other one, think some one should tell him to drink more milk!
^^^and that was a double break as well!

but to be fair he will be getting paid 40k a week to recover from an injury, so it aint all bad for him

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